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Walk that Extra Mile with Top and Base Coats before Manicure

Robot Miller
Walk that Extra Mile with Top and Base Coats before Manicure

Every one of you may love to put different kinds of nail polishes on your nails to beautify them. You put nail paint not only to look good but it also gives your mood a lift. You can even try out different kinds of them to change your look.

To make your nail paint stay for long, it is a must for you to use a base coat and a top coat over that. There are a variety of base coat and top coat for gel polish nails available in the market. You should be very sure about the kind that is suitable for your nails. The base coat must be applied before you apply the nail polish. The topcoat must be applied after you have put the nail paint to keep it protected.

Benefits of Using Top and Base Coat

Your Manicure Stays for Long

If you want to keep your nail paint or your manicure for a longer period of time, then it is absolutely essential for you to put topcoat and base coat on your nails. Using these, you can make your manicure or nail paint last long because both the coats get attached to the nail. It also allows you to move your nail and makes them flexible.

Prevent Stains

Your nails tend to get stained from some of the nail paints especially the darker ones. Base coats and top coats can help you from getting the stains. They create a layer on your nails that prevent the color to sit into them. When you remove them, it easily comes off.

Can be Used as Nail Softeners

If you want to keep your nails soft and gentle, then also you can put the base and top coats before applying nail paint. You can use them before doing gel nails, acrylic nails or even French manicure that needs the help of acrylic nail supplies Johannesburg.

Can be Used as Nail Hardeners

If you have weak nails that tend to become brittle, then you can use a base and top coats to make them harder. They can be used as nail hardeners to prevent them from getting broken.

Act as Problem Solvers

It is a must to keep base coat and top coat for gel polish nails handy because they can act as problem-solvers for many of you. If you accidentally break off your nail, just apply base coat and then apply nail paint. It will not look chipped. It can also even out dents or ridges of your nails.

Important Ingredients are Present

Base coats and top coats are acrylic nail supplies Johannesburg. They are great sources of Vitamin E, protein, and calcium that are important nutrients for your nails.

The author, Robot, always put base coat and top coat for gel polish nails before she applies nail paint. According to her suggestions, it is important to apply them for protecting your nails. Just like acrylic nail supplies Johannesburg, they also have benefits that have been mentioned in this article.

Robot Miller
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