The Future of Oxygen Therapy

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The entire idea behind this therapy is to make the patient breath-in a higher concentration of oxygen than normal breathing. Oxygen therapy is usually given with the help of tubes being fitted in the nose, or facemask, or a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Your lungs are given a more concentrated amount of oxygen which then goes to your blood and helps the body function correctly.

If your blood oxygen level is too low, oxygen therapy is the most appropriate thing for you. This therapy can be given at a hospital or even at home with the help of proper equipment.

Tanks are used to store oxygen in the form of liquid or concentrated gas. Oxygen concentrators are also used in this therapy which is used to take out concentrated oxygen from the immediate surrounding and use it immediately for breathing.

It should be duly noted that if the concentration of oxygen is above the prescribed range, it can cause issues too. Oxygen toxicity is one of the vital aspects that can cause respiratory failure. This is why oxygen therapy should be conducted in coordination with an experienced medical professional.

Conditions which require oxygen therapy:

1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: If you smoke quite a lot and have been doing so for an extended period, you might be having this chronic condition called COPD. In this case, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is suggested by the doctors to infuse a higher and purer dose of oxygen into your lungs.

2. Emergency acute conditions: To fight emergencies such as trauma, shock, and hypothermia, oxygen therapy is given for a short time period. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also used for stroke and seizure patients in a similar manner.

Oxygen therapy is also given to divers. In such cases, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is used to infuse the purest form of oxygen to combat decompression issues.

How is oxygen stored while giving the therapy?

● Liquid storage: Special refrigerated tanks are used to store liquid oxygen tobe used when needed. During this therapy, when the patient is needed to breath-in the oxygen from the tank, the liquid is heated to a specific temperature, and oxygen gas is released.

● Gas storage: Compressed oxygen in the form of gas is stored in non-refrigerated oxygen tanks. This way the oxygen can be used directly without having to heat it priorly. This is one of the most common forms of oxygen storage which is used worldwide for oxygen therapy.

● Oxygen concentrators: Oxygen concentrators are used to pull out pure and concentrated oxygen from your direct environment. This oxygen is then used to give oxygen therapy to the patient. These concentrators are powered electrically and are used for providing an on the spot solution.

Oxygen therapy is being widely used for many diseases, conditions and emergencies. The future of oxygen treatment seems very promising. With the technological advancements in the field, oxygen therapy is slowly becoming more and more affordable and common.

coldcald well
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