Pashmina: The Charming Garment

Mir Saeid


Pashmina is a special kind of soft, weightless and fine natural insulating fiber that has been gracing men and women alike since centuries.

The word Pashmina is derived from the “Persian” word “Pashm” meaning delicate wool. Pashmina was used as synonym word for Cashmere till 2013, but is not considered the same now since the Pashmina has been given the Geographical Indication(G.I) mark .

Only registered professional artisans from Kashmir now make Pashmina products especially pashmina shalws. Pashmina is obtained from a certain kind of mountainous, Himalayan goat known as “Changra” or “Changthangi” or (Capra Hircus).

This goat is mostly found in the Ladakh region of Kashmir. These goats live in the high Himalayan regions of Kashmir, Nepal and some parts of Tibetan plateaus above 12000ft from sea level where the temperature goes -40°C.

It is not only the coldness that matters for making the best of the best Pashmina wool from the goat but the altitude also provides the softness and fluff to the pashm obtained from this goat.

The art of Pashmina making in the Kashmir valley is believed to be as old as 3000 B.C. The best form of Pashmina is made using hand-looms rather than electrical looms. It’s mostly woven by Kashmiri artisans.

Pashmina can be worn in various ways. One can beautify their attire by using Pashmina as a headgear, veils, scarves, shawls, stoles, mufflers, sweaters, blankets e.t.c. Some styles of Kashmiri suits are also made from it. You may look at kaftan tops that are also made from pashmina.

Pashmina is considered as a form of luxury and is a great gifting accessory. The authenticity of a good quality Pashmina can be verified by making it pass through a ring. If it is good in quality it can easily pass through the ring and not get stuck.

Apart from all this, some great handmade decor is made from pashmina.

Pashmina products have historically traveled far and wide and have been seen as marks of status and style .Due to their popularity they have even come to be machine copied in Europe and also in some parts of India.

But even then the charm of Authentic Kashmiri styles of Pashmina can never be overcome. Traditional Kashmiri dresses looks stunning.

Pashmina is not simply a fabric but something which is attached to a region. The craft of pashmina shawl making is generally handed over from mother to daughter. Buying Pashmina is not just spending on something but it can be better proven as an investment. The older it gets the more it gains it’s value. Hence, Pashmina is something to be cherished upon for life time.

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Mir Saeid
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