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The Role Of Dr Puneet Dhawan As Ayurvedic Kidney Specialist

Jatin sharma
The Role Of Dr Puneet Dhawan As Ayurvedic Kidney Specialist

Dr. Puneet Dhawan is a nephrologist in Delhi, India. His motive is to remove the distrust of people from Ayurvedic medicines. Over the last decade, Allopathic doctors also start to believe that Ayurveda can terminate the disease from its roots. Now time is repeating itself, and people are again adopting Ayurveda to get relief from their kidney problems. These days’ various physicians come to visit Dr. Puneet Dhawan’s hospital (Karma Ayurveda) to know what he would have used to ultimately remission kidney diseases. Along with that, Allopathic doctors are studying Ayurveda to examine how it is possible to rejuvenate the damaged kidney and eliminate the disease from its formation.

In Karma Ayurveda, you will meet a lot of kidney survivors who took or taking Ayurvedic treatment, instead of going for dialysis. Dr. Puneet Dhawan, an Ayurvedic kidney specialist with his specialization in Ayurveda, has proved that to eradicate a kidney disease, you do not need dialysis or renal replacement therapy.

Dr. Puneet Dhawan believes in removing barriers

Ayurveda is not a new science; it is an ancient method to remove a disease from your body without any surgical procedures. Dr. Puneet Dhawan wants to remove the barriers that differentiate the systems of medicine. Every medical system is eligible to get the same working opportunities. Dr. Puneet Dhawan and his team are not working diligently only to promulgate the benefits of taking Ayurvedic medicines and the side effects of Allopathic treatment. Their main purpose is to spread the art of Ayurveda so it can get equal importance like Allopathy.

The National Medical Council Act recently passed by Parliament is about to start a six-month course for MBBS students, so along with Allopathy, they also get the knowledge on medical symptoms like Ayurveda and vice versa. A six-month course is not enough for the MBBS students to gain an understanding of the 5000 years old Ayurveda science and become a specialist in it. But, it is a sensible approach through which everyone will know the value of Ayurveda. Ayurveda science demands patience, knowledge of herbs, usage of natural ingredients, and the importance of food.

An alumnus of Delhi University and certified BAMS, Dr. Puneet Dhawan is the 5th generation of Dhawan family who is working diligently to heal kidney survivors by using his knowledge of Ayurveda. Karma Ayurveda established in 1936, and in 2019 Dr. Puneet Dhawan is pursuing the culture of his family.

The only slogan that Dr. Puneet Dhawan (Ayurvedic kidney specialist) promotes is Stop Kidney Dialysis. Here we do not motivate you to stop taking Allopathic medications. Still, we want you to walk on the natural paths that completely terminate the disease, instead of only its symptoms. Every medical system is important because they all work on the different side of the disease that includes:

1. Allopathy is a system that works to suppress the complications of the disease to provide you instead of results and relief from pain. For instance, dialysis in kidney disease works to eliminate toxins from your body that unhealthy kidneys cannot do.
2. Homeopathy is a slow type of medical science that works to cleanse your blood by removing the cells of the disease.
3. Ayurveda targets to terminate the disease by eradicating its root cause and then the symptoms. Also, Ayurveda can rejuvenate the damaged tissues, cells, and filters of the kidneys.

Yes, people do not go for Ayurveda as they believe it might take a long time to heal the disease. Ayurveda may take time to show the positive repercussions because its goal is not only to remove the symptoms but to eliminate the disease from your body with its roots.

In Karma Ayurveda’s YouTube channel, you can watch the videos of those patients who took Ayurvedic treatment when they didn’t get any positive results from Allopathy. These days’ you people are sharing content related to Ayurvedic remedies or treatment for health ailments. It is proof that still, people believe in Ayurveda. Why Dr. Puneet Dhawan became an Ayurvedic kidney specialist when they have the opportunities to be an Allopathic surgeon or specialist, this is because they are aware of the value of Ayurveda.

Humans always go for the things that give them instant results. Being a kidney patient, you cannot try different methods to see which provide better results. You should choose a treatment that impedes the disease, instead of causing more problems than solutions. And, Ayurveda gives a type of treatment that your ancestors had used when there was no drop of Allopathy.

If you or anyone near you is suffering from any kidney problem, then give a chance to Dr. Puneet Dhawan (Ayurvedic kidney specialist) to get relief from your kidney disease. You will not regret your choice to go for Ayurvedic treatment.

Jatin sharma
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