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Top 5 Employee Questions About Employee Monitoring

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Top 5 Employee Questions About Employee Monitoring

One of the first steps you need to take upon deciding to purchase an employee monitoring tool is talking to your employees. You need to tell them transparently why you want to use such software, what will you monitor, how the data will be used and stored, etc.


However, it doesn’t matter how many details you cover, your employees will still have questions about the software. So, today we’ll show present to you 5 most common questions workers have about employee monitoring, and help you answer all of them.

Should I Change My Behaviour Because of Employee Reporting Software?

Now that you’ll start tracking everyone’s performance in detail, employees will surely wonder how to “please” the employee monitoring software. Additionally, they’ll wonder if they should adapt the way they perform certain activities.


It’s imperative you explain everyone should behave as usual, and that the point of your company monitoring employee computers isn’t to catch and fire underperformers. The point is to improve, become more productive, efficient and profitable. Invest time to carefully clarify that software will be able to help manager’s pinpoint any fallbacks employees might have, but that these will be used for setting grounds for improvement.


Will You Be Able to Access My Private Messages?

This is just one of the privacy-related questions your workers will have about employee monitoring. Let’s face it, it’s just a matter of time when your employees will start browsing social media, eBay, or other shopping websites. It’s normal they’re curious about whether you’ll be able to see the data they put into these sites.


It’s a sensitive question, and your response will depend on the software you’re using. Usually, a free software to monitor computer activity won’t give you the option of taking screenshots, or keylogging. However, if your using a paid employee monitoring tool, chances are you have at least one of these 2 options.


However, you should create a policy which will require you to destroy any screenshots or data which was collected during those moments.


What’s in It for Me?

This is definitely a question you should expect. Research has shown that employees don’t have a problem with sharing their data, if that data will be used to help them improve in some way.


One of the ways you can use the data is to see which employees take longer to perform usual tasks, and then provide them with additional training related to their assignments. Furthermore, almost all employee monitoring solutions come with time trackers, so you’ll be able to calculate hourly payments, as well as overtime, with extreme accuracy. No one’s work and dedication will go unnoticed, and that’s something every employee can appreciate.


Do I Get Access to My Data?

Now, this also depends on the type of software you select. Yet, most windows user monitoring software solutions offer the possibility of “employee login”.


In this case, your employees will be able to see their own productivity analysis, how much time they spent on every task and project they were working on during the day. Additionally, they can see how they progressed over time, if they have improved or not.


What is more, when every employee has access to their own tracking data, they’re able to modify their own behaviour without your interference.


Do I Need to Start/Stop the Tracker Throughout the Day?

Using a computer tracking system which requires your employees to start the app at the beginning of each work day, and start/stop tracking when they switch tasks or projects can be a burden.

Even though it is a simple process, more often than not employees will forget to turn it on or off. Which is why you should look for an automated tracking system, to simplify everyone’s lives.


Tracking projects and tasks will, in most cases, require “human touch”, so prepare your employees for this. They might be forgetful about it in the beginning, but they will get used to the system at some point and you can expect it will become more accurate as time goes by.


Wrap Up

These are just some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to employee tracking. You can certainly expect some more to pop up. The important thing is that you get ready for all of them, that you keep an open mind and an open door when it comes to further discussions about the software.

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