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What Is Mica Plastic Sheet

Mica Thành Bửu
What Is Mica Plastic Sheet

Mica is a flexible plastic, used to replace glass, commonly known as Acrylic or Mica. In fact Mica is a trademark of a Taiwanese manufacturer of PMMA sheets, and Acrylic sheets. In European countries, Mica plastic sheet is often called Plexiglas. Plexiglas is a trademark of PMMA sheet manufacturer named Evonik (Germany), this is also the first brand of PMMA in the world to be marketed in 1933.

Introducing them mica plastic sheets
Taiwan mica plastic sheet is known as a material, clear mica plastic sheet is often compared to glass (glass). It has a density only about half that of glass, and lets about 98% of light through it (for mica with a thickness of 3mm). It burned at 460 ° C (860 ° F).

Microfiber plastic is softer and more easily scratched than glass, so manufacturers have to add a scratch-resistant layer to the PMMA sheet. While plastic mica is easily scratched, it usually does not crack like glass. Instead, it cracks into large pieces when it receives a strong impact. Although it is considered to be more durable than glass, it cannot withstand strong pressure on its surface – so it will be a bit bumped (scratched).

However, not all types of mica plastic sheets are the same, the quality of which depends on the manufacturing technology. Currently, there are 4 types of mica in Vietnam market: Taiwan mica, Chinese mica, Malaysian mica and Japanese mica. In particular, Japanese mica is the most expensive and Taiwanese mica is the most commonly used compared to the rest.

Acrylic sheet

Features of mica plastic sheet

– Mica has shiny properties, iridescent smooth surface.
– Good light penetration.
– Various colors.
– Mica has flexible properties so it’s easy to assemble, bend, squeeze as you like.
– Resistant to high temperatures, corrosion resistance.
– No electrical conductivity, heat.
– Water proof
– Easy to shape products.

Application of plastic sheets mica

With outstanding outstanding features: shiny, flexible, diverse colors, thin thicknesses, Mica has become a popular material and popular in advertising.

– Mica can be used as:
– Advertising panel
– Light box
– Braille Mica
– Decorate walls, partitions, counter shelves mica, booths, boxes, utensils …
– Used in interior decoration.
– Making doors, changing bathrooms …
– In addition, mica is also a material that is quite popular in life

Technical data:
– Mica plastic sheet has a standard size of 1220 x 2440mm
– Thickness: 1.5mm ~ 30mm
– Various colors
– Origin: Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia …
(Depending on the origin and manufacturing technology, the thickness, color fastness and plasticity of mica plastic are different).

Source: http://micathanhbuu.com/

Mica Thành Bửu
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