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Multipurpose Applications of Lifting Equipment for Your Commercial Units

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Multipurpose Applications of Lifting Equipment for Your Commercial Units


Commercial units like the industries, constructions, shipyards, and other related establishments use heavy machinery, equipment, and tools. Often they need lifting of these units within the plant from one location to the other. They may also need to move them out of the plants on trucks or large trailer vehicles. Lifting equipment can make the task simple and ease.

Types of Lifts – from Manholes to Machine Parts

The range of lifts is vast in numbers, from the manhole pin to the chain hoists, travel trolley, and wire hoists to shackles-eyebolt and swivel lifting eyebolts. The equipment has its technical specifications and operational details. It is important for every technician and technocrat to know about them in detail, so the applications can become efficient and effective.

Precast Manhole Ring – Lifting and Installation

Manhole rings can be heavy in weight and large in dimensions. With an internal diameter of 4000mm and a weight of over 6 tons, it can be difficult to lift and install. Manhole pins are available in pin-key and pin-shackle types. They can be attached to a truck or machinery to lift, install, and remove the installed rings. They work with manual and automated systems with equal efficiency.

Chain Hoists – Moving Within the Plant

A manual chain hoist is a lifting unit that works with a chain and hook assembly. It can lift any weight from 0.5 tons 2 tons and more, depending on its capacity. Drops of the chain can be from 2 to 8 depending on the dimension and design complexity of the load.

Getting a grip over the load is very important while lifting. If one side of the load has no grip, it can slide and fall causing property damage and personal injuries. Hence, the fastening of the drop chain around the load has to be complete in all the directions. High-quality chain hoists with multiple hooks help you to lift large loads and carry them from one part of the plant to the other safely and comfortably.

Though the manual operation takes precision control, the operator can use the control easily and move the load across a large distance. Care needs to be taken to ensure the strength and stability of the beam. The beam should be free from rust and corroded parts.

Travel Trolley – Move anything anywhere

Travel trolley is the efficient lifting equipment that can carry loads from 0.5 tons to 5 tons are more. It can work on all types of steel and cast-iron beams from the size of 50-203mm to 90-203mm and more. The trolley can work in negative as well as higher temperatures which may go up to 50-degrees.

Shackle and Eyebolt - Efficient Fastening of Load

The thread standard of the shackle plays an important role in lifting and balancing the heavy loads from the origin to the destination points within the plant. High-quality shackles can get a firm hold on the load even at extreme temperatures within and outside the plant.


 The vast range of lifting equipment can be useful in all types of commercial establishments and construction sites for lifting and moving heavy machinery and parts.

Uk Lifting Store
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