Quickly Deploy Dedicated Teams For Your Unique Business Needs!

Sam Claflin

Team Hiring, Made Simple

No Multi-Month Commitment

Switch from investing in external resources to hiring a POD team for a specific time period based on your specific requirements.

Single Source Accountability

Each POD will include a dedicated project manager responsible for workflow coordination and task prioritization.

Diversely Skilled Team

An iterative process, PODs improve output as with diverse personnel present varied skill sets to the table.

Hire Your Team in Just 3 Simple Steps

Short term, as well as long term projects, can easily go PODular by hiring a small group of individuals with complementary skills, working with a shared purpose.

The POD Is Not a ‘Process’, but a New ‘Way of Thinking’

PODs are small custom agile teams, ranging from 8–10 member, with diverse capabilities that work in collaboration to achieve the needs of the client.

Our Services:

Application Development Services

IOT Solutions

Product Support

POD Services

Machine Learning Services

Embedded Engineering

Sam Claflin
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