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How does Reverse Osmosis carry out Desalination?

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How does Reverse Osmosis carry out Desalination?

Desalination is a segregation process used to reduce the dissolved salt content from the saline water or industrial effluents to a reusable level. The resulting water after desalination contains lesser dissolved solids and is suitable for industrial, domestic and agricultural uses.

It is carried out through the Reverse Osmosis membrane process. Water from a pressurised saline solution is separated through a water-permeable membrane. Water is encouraged to flow through the membrane by the pressure differential created between the pressurised feed water and the product water (Permeate). The remaining feed water continues to flow through the pressurised side of the reactor and collected separately as Brine / Reject.

Reverse Osmosis_Desalination

A Reverse Osmosis system consists of four major treatment phases: 

  1. Pretreatment

    This process is important as it makes the incoming feed water compatible with the membrane systems by removing suspended solids, adjusting the pH levels and adding a threshold inhibitor to control scaling caused by constituents such as Calcium Sulphate.
  2. Pressurisation

    The pretreated feed water is made to pass through the pumps to raise it to an appropriate operating pressure for the membrane and the salinity of the feed water.
  3. Separation

    The permeable membranes strain the dissolved salts while allowing the desalinated water to flow through. Allowing feed water to pass through membrane assembly results in a freshwater stream and a concentrated brine stream.
  4. Stabilisation

    In this phase, the product water goes through pH adjustment and degasification before being transferred to the distribution system. It passes through an aeration column in which the pH value gets adjusted due to removal of dissolved gases. In most cases, this water is transferred to a storage tank for later use.

With low installation costs, minimal use of chemicals and almost negligible impact on the environment, a Reverse Osmosis plant holds a very high treatment capacity. Rochem India provides highly advanced wastewater treatment solutions through a variety of Reverse Osmosis technologies such as DT-RO, Spiral+RO, etc and caters to a wide range of industries. 

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