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Mission of Prophet Muhammad

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Mission of Prophet Muhammad

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Why Islam is political

This page discusses about Political Islam, Muslim issues and solutions and framework for Islamic civilization.

Islam created empires of justice, values and ethics. islam gave its adherents an identity and honor based on these unique humanity, justice, morals and spirituality. Thus Islamic empire is unlike any other people's empire or history. No nation, race or people can challenge the uniqueness of Islamic identity and Islamic empire.

These writings have been put here from their original places to make reading easier for Muslims and general readers. Muslims and peoples' minds are clouded by propaganda and truth hidden from them. They have accepted an oppressing and manufactured reality from the elites of the society and the world. These writings are meant to encourage them to seek alternate reality for themselves and specially for Muslim self determination in Muslim countries or Islamic countries.


Is Islam political

Islam is Political

Man, by nature is political and hence he does not like anarchy. History has been the collective activities of politics. This is due to the fact that man as Khalifa of God on earth needed to be political to represent His authority and dominion against the authority and dominion of the devil Djinns (Quran 2:30). Politics is organization, management and dispensation of justice. In another perspective politics is control over men and exercising policies. God has sent laws through prophets throughout history just so that a) man can connect with God b) man can live with justice and peace through God. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mission was no different as some articles here show. Islam as being the message and legislation of God is also thus political. Due to this reason all scholars of Islam are unanimous of the necessity of Imamate (political leadership) for Muslims. Muslims thus are required collectively to pursue a religio-political construct for their existence through Sharia Law irrespective of what others think or feel about this mission. The minority or non-Muslims are obliged to obey non-faith-based Islamic laws as well. An Islamic existence is beneficial for all aspects of human existence. Some articles here clarify this point.

A Muslim Country

First, A country is not defined by it's people. It is defined by the dominating system of culture, praxis, values, and laws which accommodate both the majority and the minority in varying degree. Having said that:


  1. a) Islam was the historic dominating force.
  2. b) Majority people are Muslims.


Muslim rulers' success today can't be solely judged by economic success but rather primarily by success against persecutors of Muslims and Islam. In this essential standard 99% of Muslim rulers are failure and leeches. 54 Muslim countries united on Islam can really influence international law, customs, economy and politics and world history!!! Foolish greedy and self-centered rulers and their cheap followers are cancers of different categories in Islamic Ummah.

An Islamic Country

There is Islamic rule through shariah irrespective of whether a) or b) from previous part just like a secular country is one where western liberalism is the norm irrespective of whether the majority is white caucasian or historically it was western liberal.


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