Hire Staff in India Without Having Employees liabilities

Sunil Singh

Need of Strategical Partner for manpower in India

India is growing faster than ever. India is attracting new businesses and opportunities and its becoming developed country India has second largest population and a ready workforce for each and every industry. 

However, Indian govermenet have complex labor policies and laws for businesses in India and forign business which are trying to spread roots in India.

Using a PEO Professional employer organization like easy source hr solutions as a partnet will allow you to use indian workforce without digging Indian employers tax and laws.

You are not alone

There are several  small business, startups, growing mid sized businesses and large corporate houses using power of PEOs around the globe to save time, money and resources.

PEOs have expertise to do things perfectly. Comprehensive PEO services in India allow your business to delegate operative functions of HR and managetial functions of hrm to a trusted partner.


Importance of PEO Partners in India

PEOs handle payroll tasks, compliance taxs, emplyee paytoll and other HR functions for your company.You need to focus on your core business activities and PEOs handle other tedious tasks of administration.

Such companies deal with Indian emplyer law, statutory compliances etc.

So now you got the point how hard it is to handle rules and regulations in India to operate a business. This proves how much a PEO in India is useful for your business. PEOs have years of experience in this domain and they know in and outs of business.

Some of the core benefits of using a PEO companies such as Easy Source HR Solutions include:

  • Implementation of best practices without hiring experts
  • Better benefits ( they know how to do it)
  • Better advice on legal matters by PEO
  • Better focus on Core business
  • Faster entry in market for forign businesses with skilled workforce

The PEO services Includes

  • Talent Recruiting
  • Employee Hiring and onboarding process
  • Payroll processing and administration
  • Employee health insurance & other benifits management
  • Tax deductions and filing processing
  • Statutory benefits and HR compliance handling
  • HR Compliance management




Sunil Singh
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