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Halal wedding planner in da nang

Halal wedding planner in da nang

Vietnamese Dessert - Xí Mà Phù (Black Sesame Soup)

[ English | Malay: dessert Vietnam - Xí Mà Phù (Soup Grain Black)

After having your delicious Pho or Bun cha, you might want to wash it all down with something sweet or refreshing. In Vietnamese, the word that you would be looking for is none other than Chè – which is a general Vietnamese word for any traditional Vietnamese beverage. Chè can be in the form of a plain drink, pudding, or a bowl of condensed soup.

Whenever dessert is mentioned, one would generally think of something cold and sweet. However, Vietnamese chè tends to incorporate beans, seeds, fruits, and coconut milk. Chè is considered to be mildly sweet and does not look particularly appetizing when compared to other desserts in neighboring countries. But most people who had tried chè were attracted to its mildly sweet taste and refreshing aftertaste.

One of the most celebrated Vietnamese chè is called Xí Mà Phù which roughly translates into black sesame soup. This exotic-looking dessert can be found almost everywhere down the streets in any province around Vietnam. The sight whereby Xi Mà Phù is most commonly seen would be painted by an image of a lady sitting around the street of Hoi An, with a big metallic pot. For a first-timer, you will be intrigued, and of course, undoubtedly curious with the black condensed substance that is being stirred inside the aforementioned metallic pot.

The vendor, who is usually the cook for this soup, will explain that the black substance within the pot is edible by all means and can be considered as a dessert. Give it a try, and you will be surprised by how mild the sweet taste is. Despite its weird-looking color, its main ingredient consists of black sesame which contributes to the black color. You will also taste the smokiness from the toasted black sesame, and mild sweetness from sugar or rock sugar. Pennyworth herb is also used as an ingredient in making Xí Mà Phù which adds to one of the many health benefits of this dessert. Similar to the Chinese version, Hei zhi ma hu  黑芝麻糊, it is best served hot.

After enjoying a dish as tasty as Pho or Bun cha, you may wish to indulge in something sweet as a dessert. In Vietnam, the words of Chè bring the intention of serving drinks traditional Vietnam. Chè coming as a Drink, Pudding or Soup. Dish of Vietnam is indeed famous for its unique taste and also concise, every dish provided a detailed and perpetuate the taste and scent of the original herb used.

Candied his habit of coming in at a cool and sweet. However, the Chè usually coupled with kekacang, cereal, fruits and coconut milk. Chè do not have a very sweet taste and not have a way interesting. What make Chè interesting is the taste that fresh, according to enjoy after the main dish. Different with the countries neighbors, Candied Vietnam has it feels that its own and not in other countries.

Between the dish Chè is Xí Mà Phù a mean Soup Bijan black. A unique dish is commonly seen in the ubiquitous area of Vietnam. The image of the Hawkers vend while menggaul Xi Ma along the way to Hoi An, very synonymous with the confectioner because at its origin, the confectioner may be found spread out everywhere in Vietnam.

Hawkers who used to sell candied it will be explained that this sweet, black is senjenis a special candy from Vietnam. Although it looks not took her tastes, it tastes good and is less sweet is the power of the pull. Vietnamese food at the habit is mild not too spicy to make it fun enjoyed by every layer of society. Dish Xí Mà Phù fit to be enjoyed by all people.

Among the key ingredient in this dish is the Bijan Black, which give it the color black, bijan this will be burned to make it more concentrated. Sugar Rock plus to give it a sweet taste to this dish. Daun Pegaga is then added to give it more aroma and general know, Leaf Pegaga has properties of its own. This dish has some similarities with the Dishes than the Chinese people are recognizable with, Hei zhi ma hu  黑芝麻糊. This dish is usually enjoyed hot to perpetuate a unique taste.

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