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Should I leave my job for affiliate marketing business?

Sanjoi Mazumder
Should I leave my job for affiliate marketing business?

How to make money with affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a type of freelance job through which you can earn money by sitting at home. It is considered to be the best job available online because you do not even need to have a product of your own. All you need to do is get some good quality products from a producer and sell it to the consumer and in return you will get a small share from the profit. In other words, an affiliate is just an intermediate between the buyer and the seller. Many training programs are available online through which one can learn basic tips about affiliate marketing from home.

Affiliate Marketing Business versus Full Time job:

Job Security:

In full time, your job is secured. You have made a contract with your employer that you will work in the company for the given years until and unless you yourself resign from it. On the other hand, online jobs like affiliate marketing have no job security no matter how many years of experience you have. You always have a sense of fear in you that one day you might lose this business.

Consistent Income:

In full time jobs, you get exact amount of money every month. With such consistency, you can fulfill your daily needs very easily and accurately. However, in affiliate marketing from home, you are never sure how much you are going to earn this month. This can cause problematic for your daily life.

Health Benefits:

While working as a full time employee, you get many benefits like health care, children’s education and many more. While working as an online marketer, you are on your own. There is no life insurance, no health care and no free education. You will have to face all the expenses by yourself.

Work Life Balance:

When you are working as an online marketing businessman, you are your own boss. You do not need to listen to anyone and you are not bound to nine to five job. So you can easily create a balance between your social and professional life. Working at home gives you more time to spend with your family and the loved ones.

No Fixed Office Time:

While working as an affiliate marketer, you are not bound to a certain place. You can go on vacations while working at the same time. All you need to have is a laptop and some skill sets.

Give Job instead of Getting a job:

There are around 7.5 billion people living on this planet and around 60 percent of them are unemployed. It is better to create more job opportunities rather than trying to get one. Affiliate marketing business can allow you to become an employer. You can hire some employees to do the work for you.


Affiliate marketing from home is no doubt a best idea for a startup these days. But should you leave your job directly in order to start such business? The answer in one word is “no”. One should always take precautions before taking any step. Affiliate marketing is comfortable but not reliable. If you are not experienced enough, you will never be able to earn passively through this mean.

So the right way is that first you should start affiliate marketing as your side business and continue as a full time employee in employer’s company until you be sure that you have enough experience and also have a good name in the market with some good clients. In other words, first make affiliate marketing business as a part time and then make it full time.

Sanjoi Mazumder
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