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The Main Advantages of Climate Controlled Self-Storage Units

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The Main Advantages of Climate Controlled Self-Storage Units

When deciding to rent a self-storage unit, there are important factors you need to consider, including your space requirements and the cost. After all, there are times when a basic self-storage unit will not be enough to store all your valuables.
Another important factor to consider is the temperature. There are climate controlled storage units available for this purpose. Some units can retain the required temperature on a consistent basis. Others even offer more advanced features like humidity control.
In most cases, the features of a basic self-storage unit are enough to keep a lot of different business and household stuff. However, there are items that require climate controlled storage. Otherwise, they may deteriorate with high humidity or extreme changes in temperature. These include electronics, musical instruments, fine art, and antiques, among others.

Main Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage Units

Following are some of the main benefits of self-storage units with climate control features. These will help you decide if it is the right type of storage for your particular needs:
• Protects Your Items from Extreme Temperature Changes – Temperatures can vary widely in many areas of the country. In some regions the temperatures can rise to more than 1000 during the peak of summer, and then drop to a temperature below freezing point at the height of winter. If you live in an area that experiences drastic changes in temperature, there may be a need to protect your personal properties from the harmful effects of extreme temperatures.
The constant changes in temperature may cause your sensitive items to warp, crack, or split. These include antiques, musical instruments, and wooden furniture. Likewise, your books, fine art, business records, and other documents may incur damages because of the wide swings in temperature.
A climate controlled storage unit maintains a consistent temperature that may range from above freezing point up to just below 80 or 900.
• Offers Superior Air Quality Inside the Unit – When searching for the right storage unit to rent, people often overlook a very important feature: air quality. A regular storage unit does not have the same type of sealing used in an indoor storage unit with climate control features. Thus, you need to open the unit from time to time to allow fresh air to get inside.
On the other hand, a climate controlled self-storage unit circulates air constantly. Thus, the air inside is always clean. You don’t have to open the storage often to invite fresh air in. Air quality is very important if you need to store sensitive electronic equipment or highly important documents.
• Offers an Additional Layer of Protection from Debris and Dust – A climate controlled storage unit is usually located inside a building or facility. The storage facility often has insulated and sealed roofs, floors, and walls. Because of this, the storage units are less prone to tracked-in dirt and flooding. Likewise, there is less chance for insects or rodents to get in and use your stored belongings as their home.
The tight seal also prevents dust and debris from easily making their way into your storage unit. You can be confident that you will find your things in the same condition when you left them. It doesn’t matter how long you store them – a few days, a month, or even several years.
• Offers Peace of Mind for a Little Extra Cost – Compared to traditional storage units, a climate controlled self-storage unit costs a bit more. The additional cost, however, is worth every penny if you consider the benefit of knowing that your precious items are safe from extreme weather and temperature changes.
On the other hand, if you only need to store items that are not temperature-sensitive for a short period of time, then a traditional storage facility may be enough for your needs.
• Offers the Added Protection of Humidity Control – More advanced climate controlled self-storage spaces are equipped with a humidity control feature. Initially, this may not appear to be a significant factor. The truth is, humidity can also affect the condition of your stored items.
Drastic temperature changes result to drastic humidity changes as well. Simply put, humidity control is necessary if the humidity experiences natural fluctuations.
Humidity control is very important if you are storing highly sensitive items such as antique furniture. Parts of the furniture may crack, rot, or warp if the air contains too much moisture. Thus, if you are planning on storing such items, make sure to find out if the climate controlled unit you are considering also has humidity control features. This way, you can lower excess moisture in the air by around 55%.
Storage units that are not equipped with humidity control usually remain damp for the duration of fall and spring. This allows mildew to thrive. This wouldn’t matter if you are storing items only for a short period of time. But, if you plan on storing your items longer, then you must make sure that they stay long under a humid environment, and without air circulation. It would be a lot like storing your items right in your basement for a long time.
Aside from moisture, inadequate humidity in the storage unit can damage wood items. It can cause the wood to craze, splinter, and dry out. At the peak of winter and summer, the dry air can adversely affect valuable items like electronic devices, musical instruments, and wines.

Final Word
These are some of the main advantages of using self-storage units with climate-control features. While these units cost a bit more, the extra protection they provide for your important possessions make every cent you spend worth it.
On the other hand, if you cannot afford the cost of a climate controlled storage unit, you can make do with a regular storage units. Just make sure that you access your storage facility often. Open the doors from time to time. This way, fresh air can come in, allowing humidity and odors that have built up over time to circulate out.

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