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Why is there a need for more wastewater treatment plants in India?

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Why is there a need for more wastewater treatment plants in India?

As India is moving towards being a developed nation, it is constantly facing the issue of a deteriorating environment. Rapid growth in industrialisation has increased the number of pollutants in our atmosphere. And, one of these pollutants is wastewater. Therefore, treatment of wastewater through wastewater treatment plants has become an important task. With a rise in both the population levels and industrial infrastructure of India, the wastewater volume is also increasing at an alarming rate. Adding up to this is the diminishing of freshwater resources like groundwater, rivers, wells, etc.

Water is one of the most important sources to survive. Therefore, treating this situation with anything less than utmost seriousness can land us in deep waters. Nature can treat naturally produced contaminants like human and animal waste. However, the production of massive amounts of wastewater in today’s times cannot be managed by nature alone.

Some of the effects of rising wastewater levels are:

  • Lack of clean water for drinking and basic amenities.

  • Presence of harmful toxic chemicals like lead and mercury which can lead to chronic health conditions in living organisms.

  • Soil pollution.

  • Contamination of groundwater and other natural sources of water.

Wastewater treatment is the only best solution to tackle the water crisis we are facing today. There are several advanced methods to treat wastewater. Some of them are:

  • Physico-Chemical Treatment - Different treatment methods are used for different pollutants depending on their size and characteristics. Small particles are usually difficult to separate and therefore, Physico-chemical treatment is used to treat them.

  • Biological Treatment - This treatment process involves the use of organisms to treat pollutants. There are several aerobic and anaerobic methods available to treat wastewater.

  • Zero-Liquid Discharge - This is the cutting-edge technology for wastewater treatment. It is carried out through Reverse Osmosis and other membrane-based technologies to purify water. It helps in the removal of dissolved solids, thereby, giving us distilled water.

Implementation of these methods can help in recycling the wastewater and making clean water available for reuse purposes.

There are several areas where wastewater management is the need of the hour:

  • Industrial sector.

  • Municipal water treatment in towns and cities.

  • Rural areas for using the treated water in irrigation.

However, there are several challenges to overcome in order to control the scary water situation in India, such as:

  • Imbalance in the generation of wastewater and the number of treatment plants available to treat it.

  • Lack of awareness and public apathy.

  • Lack of effective nationwide awareness campaigns. 

  • Lack of public-private partnership in wastewater treatment.

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