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Full Body Workout Routines

rob hall
Full Body Workout Routines

There is continuing debate on which routine is best, some say that a full body routine is best, some say it’s a split routine, others say upper/lower split.

I am an advocate of the full body routine with treadmill because it allows you to target the same muscle group two or three times per week, whereas the other workout types you would be lucky if you could fit in the same muscle group twice in one week. By working the same muscle group 2-3 times per weeks allows for optimal strength and size gains use for this best treadmill under $1000.

For the purpose of this document I am of course explaining the benefits of a full body workout in comparison to other workout routines. Below are the basic rules you should follow if you wish to perform a full body workout effectively.

1. Workout 2-3 Times per Week with treadmill 

There are several benefits to a full body workout, the first is training frequency, which is recommended at 2-3 times per week, great for those short of time. Because a full body workout is so intense and demanding on the body you should train 2 to 3 times per week maximum, any more than this and it could result in overtraining.

You must also make sure you have at least 24-48 hours rest between full body workouts, for example if you worked out on Monday you should not do another workout until Wednesday, the days in between your full body workouts can be used for light cardio work.
A full body workout is tough, I have been doing it for over 3 months and have only just started training 3 times per week, it’s taken me almost 3 months to increase my metabolism & energy levels to train 3 times a week, up until this point I was training twice per week every Monday and Thursday, but now I train every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

2. Diet & Recovery

When I first read about full body workouts I didn’t realise how demanding they would be, before full body workouts I used to train with upper/lower split workouts 4 times per week, before this I did a split body workout routine 3 days per week.

Then I moved onto full body workouts training only 2 times a week, I must admit full body workouts takes a lot more out of me compared to all of the other workouts I have ever done.

To combat this I had to increase my caloric intake by 150-200 calories per day and also made sure I was getting enough rest (8-9 hours sleep every night). These 2 changes allowed me to perform a full body workout 3 times per week and have enough energy to complete each workout to the best of my ability.

3. Perform one Exercise per Muscle Group with treadmill 

A full body workout routine should comprise of compound moves, when you do compound moves a lot of secondary muscles are used to move the weight. Because of this you will not need to perform more than one exercise per body part during the workout.

4. Compound Movements

Any workout routine must consist of compound moves and a full body workout routine is no exception, in fact 80% of my full body routine consists of compound movements, and yours should as well.

Compound movements such as barbell bench press or barbell squat should be performed near the start of the workout, because you have the most energy at this point, as you become tired you can workout smaller muscle groups such as the biceps and triceps. Compound movements have shown to increase natural levels of testosterone, which means you build muscle faster doing these types of exercises, in comparison to load of isolation exercises.

5. Keep it Short

A full body workout should last about 60-90 minutes, whilst this may seem like an unachievable amount of time (and for the first couple of months it might be) keeping your workouts to under 90 minutes will vastly improve your cardio vascular levels and endurance, but don’t try and rush your workouts, take as much rest as you need, especially when you first start doing them.

rob hall
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