Role of SEO in Promoting Your Products? FAQ

Amenta Sademtk

When is your content considered search engine friendly?

Your web content should not only be unique but also search engine friendly as users looking out for product information search through the help of key words or key phrases SEO Leeds. They make use of these key words in the search bar of any search engines, be it Google, Yahoo or MSN. Your content will be considered search engine friendly only if it has relevant key words related to the product. To have this in your content is part of the SEO process.

How do you target at geographical locations?

If your company is situated in the Leeds and you need to target at the leeds clients then you must have content targeting at this. Use of the name of the place is important besides having them in the title tags and meta descriptions.

Who will help you with key word generation?

SEO experts who are proficient in this field will be able to help you. Content will be generated according to the effective key word list.

What else plays an important role besides content and meta tag descriptions?

Your web design must be search engine friendly and have good graphics and images. Besides this, the site map and navigation must also be user friendly.

Do your page rankings change according to Google algorithm?

Yes, you must keep changing your strategies according to the Google algorithm and adhere to its norms in order to be consistent in your positive rankings. SEO Expert needs to constantly update himself with the changes in the strategies and implement the same for his clients' sites.

Amenta Sademtk
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