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Get To Know The 7 Essential Decision Methods

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Get To Know The 7 Essential Decision Methods

A simple way to sort all chakras is to lie with each chakra's crystal. For beginners, 7 essential crystals are available, and you can lie on your back with one crystal for each chakra, like this:

  1. Root-Smoky Quartz
  2. Sacrum-ruby
  3. Solar Plexus-Citrine
  4. Heart-Rose Quartz
  5. Throat-Kalcedoni
  6. Third Eye-Amethyst
  7. Crown-clear quartz

Focusing on breathing, the crystals are put in place and laid for about 10 minutes. The root chakra crystal should be just below the root chakra (between the legs) and the crown crystal should be just above the top of the head. Place all other crystals directly on your body. Clean the crystal after use.

You can also choose a balance that matches the color of each chakra to balance it. As in the previous method, the root chakra crystal is placed directly below the root chakra between the legs, and the crown chakra crystal directly above the head is placed directly on each chakra. Use the following color crystals for each chakra.

  • Root-red or black
  • Sacrum-orange
  • Solar Plexus-Yellow or Gold
  • Heart-green or pink
  • Throat-blue
  • Third Eye-Purple or Purple
  • Crown-white or transparent

As with the previous method, you lie on your back for 10 minutes. Visualize each chakra with a glowing wheel that rotates clockwise (see picture above for color) and visualize the energy of the crystal blending with the color of each chakra. Clean the crystal after use.


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