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5 How to Distinguish Yeezy Original and Yeezy Fake Easily

melly marena
5 How to Distinguish Yeezy Original and Yeezy Fake Easily

Shoes sneaker the Adidas Yeezy is one of the brands most sought after by collectors and enthusiast of shoes at this time. Shoe collection Yeezy is the result of a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. The result of a collaboration between the two parties produce shoes which are very popular, even because of the popularity, a lot of products Yeezy fake spread in the community.

Previously, Adidas does not need to be too concerned with the falsification of the shoes. However this is changing with the presence of Yeezy. There are different types of adidas yeezy, among other things: yeezy mist, yeezy alvah, yeezy 500, yeezy boost 350 V2, yeezy 700, and many more. Up to this time Adidas Yeezy 350 in a series of Adidas shoes are proven to be the most widely faked.

For those of You who are hunting for the product shoes Yeezy, You need to be more careful and cautious so as not to be deceived. To help You find the genuine products, here we present this guide or how to distinguish between Yeezy original and Yeezy fake:

1. The Strip line at the Yeezy 350

the Position of the strip is different between the products Yeezy original and fake

one of the easiest ways to distinguish between the boots Yeezy which is the original and the fake is to look at the strips that are on the shoes. The thing to note here is the length of the strip, position, and layout of the beginning and the end of the strip.

On the shoes Yeezy original, strip the existing shaped curve or curved line that starts right on the middle seam in the front part of the shoes and stop right on the middle seam in the back. On the latest update issued by Adidas, the strip will continue until almost touching the front sole of the shoe.

On the shoes Yeezy fake, the strip is generally straight-line alias is not curved. In addition, the strip line does not stop at the middle seam, but rather continue or could be stopped too early. Another feature that You can take note of this strip is a position that is too far to the top. These traits are spelled out most easily observed to indicate which products are genuine and which are false.

2. The shape of the Muzzle Sol Next

Differences in the design of the sole the front part of the boots Yeezy original and fake

You can also differentiate between products Yeezy original and fake by looking at the shape and design of these shoes, especially on the part of the front sole of the shoe. Shoes Yeezy, in particular Yeezy V2 has a design that is unique and quite difficult to imitate. It is this which You can use to distinguish between original products and fakes.

On the shoes Yeezy original, the arch on the sole front looks more in while the surface of the shoes look a little decreased. Second it is not visible in the counterfeit products where the arch of the sole is not too visible, and the surface of the shoes look data. In addition, note also the toe of the shoe. On the fake product, the toe of the shoe looks very round while in the original product, the toe of the shoe looks a little more sharp.

3. Sol In Yeezy

Differences in the text on the insoles in shoes

To determine where products, and not the original, You can check the soles in the shoes. At the sol in the writing “Adidas Yeezy”. On the original product, this paper is printed by using black color while on the counterfeit products, these writings appear in the colors white or gray.

in Addition to color, also note the direction of writing. The text of the Adidas Yeezy on the original product written extends away from the heel toward the toes, while on the counterfeit products, this paper goes into in the opposite direction.

There is one more thing You can check is the bottom of the insoles in. In general, the bottom of the sol in will have the same color with the surface of the sol as well as have a lot of patterns. The product is a fake, the bottom of the soles it will look much different starting from ketiaadaan pattern, a different color with the color of the sol on the surface, or the color of the soles which look yellowish white.

4. The quality of the Overall Product

a neat Stitching as a form of product quality Yeezy original

You can also see the quality of the overall product to distinguish between the boots Yeezy original and fake. Counterfeit products generally do not undergo the process of quality control so it can be said that the quality is fairly low. It can be seen from many aspects for example the stitching is not neat and does not follow the pattern, glue stains are clearly visible, to the shoes that do not stick well.

5. Boost technology

Technology Boost on the boots Yeezy

One thing that is very difficult to imitate is a technology boost that is applied to the Adidas on the product's shoes Yeezy. In the effort to find shoes Yeezy original do not forget to check the boost technology used. One way to test the technology is to use light. How to shine a light through the bottom of the shoes. On the shoes of the original, the light is translucent and look a little yellowish while in the fake product, you will see a lot of black shadows.

is Still associated with the technology boost, You can also see the marker or the marking which is located on the soles under the shoes. Adidas has been doing the upgrades with the added marking  - shaped circle that has the texture and 3 small lines vertically. The amount of marking can vary from 7 up to 9 marking.

in Addition to the 5 things above, the price of the adidas yeezy can also be one way to distinguish yeezy original or KW. Range price of adidas yeezy ranges from Rp 3.300.000 Rp 4.700.000, with Yeezy 700 as the type of shoes that is the most expensive. It is not easy to distinguish between the boots Yeezy original and fake. Therefore, it is important for You to check the authenticity of the shoes that You will buy by using all of the above parameters. If there are parameters or conditions are not met, check the more. One more thing, try to buy shoes Yeezy original only from trusted place like the official online store adidas Indonesia.


melly marena
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