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How To Choose Best Portable Soundbars In India

Angela Christensen
How To Choose Best Portable Soundbars In India

Music is a therapy that helps to relax your mind having psychological benefits. It is a stress buster of all time. A good music system at home allows you to enjoy great music, movies, TV shows, web series and much more with your friends and family. The sound output of the TV does not favor sometimes, thus the soundbar will help you to overcome this problem. 


Soundbar Placement  

It is one of the most crucial factors which should not be neglected while buying it. The soundbar should be placed in such a way that the remote access to the TV does not get a blockage. You should consider its place perfectly before purchasing it. The soundbars can easily be mounted on the walls or can be placed according to where your TV is placed. The set up of the soundbars is pretty simple and useful for the users. 


Size of Soundbar 

The next important factor after placement is the size of the soundbar. It has variable sizes, you can buy it according to your needs. Apart from the size of the soundbar, you should also check whether the connectivity offered by your soundbar is compatible with your TV or not. 


Active Soundbar vs Passive Soundbar 

There are two types of soundbar i.e., active and passive which are important criteria to look for. Active Soundbars get automatically amplified and you need to plug in through the main power source for its working. Though Passive Soundbars are the ones that generally need an external amplifier to run it. Thus it means that active soundbar works on its power source while a passive soundbar requires an external AV receiver to work.


Soundbar Channel Configuration  

There is various kind of soundbars available in the market but you need to select the proper channels in the soundbar to make the most out of it. Most of the recent Best Portabe SoundBar comes with 5 channels system which gives crystal clear sound and brings an immersive effect onto your music world. There are mainly four types of channels available in the soundbar, which are as follows:

  • 2.0Ch Soundbar - It consists of two speakers, at the two corners.
  • 2.1Ch Soundbar - It consists of two speakers, one at the right and one at the left respectively with 1 subwoofer.
  • 5.1Ch Soundbar - It mainly consists of five speakers out of which three are located at the center, left and right position and the remaining two are the rear speakers, respectively. 
  • 7.1Ch Soundbar - The speakers are available at seven different positions right, left and center and one subwoofer along with the seven different speakers.


Audio Decoder 

There are mainly two types of audio decoders available in the soundbar, one is DTS Audio Decoder and another one is Dolby Decoder. Though both of the decoders provide the same quality audio, somehow DTS decoder is mostly preferred by the users.



Connectivity is an option that you should look for while purchasing a soundbar. The soundbar should come with multiple options for connectivity thus makes the users comfortable to use. The most connectivity options that a soundbar provides are HDMI Connections, Optical Ports, Bluetooth Connections, USB Connections, Wi-Fi Connections, and Streaming Connections.


Universal Remote Support 

You can control your options very easily through this remote system. It is hasslefree and ensures users to have smart access with universal remote control. 



These are some of the basic features you should look for while purchasing a Soundbar. A good Soundbar will help you feel good after a tiresome day, soothing your mind. Also, you can switch to your party mode, when you like!

Angela Christensen
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