5 Things You Need To Know About Every Stock You Buy

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Becoming a successful investor is tough. You have to deal with a lot of techniques and understanding before investing in stock markets. Retail investors are having more difficulty in the market and they lose money. They don't get research ideas about stocks and that turns out to be the negative factor. Researching stocks before going into the stock market is relatively very important. Certain key factors are present in the markets which must be understood. Some things which you need to know before investing are listed as under:


  • Price to Earnings Ratio

These ratios are important to learn about market trends. These ratios are used to compare the current share price relatives to the per-share earnings of companies. The companies must be able to compare themselves to similar corporations which will help in determining their relative values. The P/E can be found out by comparing the market price to the cumulative earnings happening in each quarter.


If your company has more P/E than any other company, then there has to be a reason behind that. And if your company is having a lower P/E, then also it is worth watching for the business.

  • Dividend

Dividends are the steady income that investors normally earn. They do so on a quarterly manner. Traditional investors prefer dealing with dividend related incomes as they provide a sense of security. The best dividends come from large companies that deal regularly.


The dividend of 6% or more is related to high-quality stocks. Companies which are startups do not have much to issue dividends in the first place. Before you go ahead with stocks in the market, give a check on the dividend rate provided by that company. If you want to earn money, deal with companies that provide good dividend rates.

  • Beta

Beta is the measure to read the volatility of a company or how the company has acted over the last 5 years. If a company has more or high value compared to the index, then it is considered to have a higher beta. Beta tells you about the price risk that you have to bear when you deal in stocks. The way it can help you earn money, it can also take your money back. Lower beta means companies are not responding to 500 movements or others.


This is termed as defensive stock as it keeps your money safer. You cannot earn much in a single day but you can keep your money safe at the same time.

  • Charts

There are so many charts like candlestick charts which are fundamental and technical analysts. Reading charts take a lot of specific skills to learn how to read it. If an investment chart starts from the lower left and goes up to the upper right left, it is termed as a good sign.



These are some of the points you should know while dealing with stock markets. Read these carefully before investing in any.


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Nagaraj SEO
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