Skip Bin Hire – A Proper Way to Dispose of the Garbage

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Skip bin hire the best and efficient way to waste management, not it is easy, cheap, hassle-free but also saves you from the unnecessary legal implications. Hiring skip bins is as easy as just a few clicks all you need is to choose the area date and the type of garbage you have to dispose of. 

Every building generates waste be it the house, office, spring cleaning, renovation, or shifting the house. Of course in these scenarios, it is not possible to collect and properly dispose of all the waste.

General Waste

Usually, general waste is suitable for moving house garbage, mattress, boxes. The skin bin hire for general waste

  • 3 meter skip bin can take load up to 600 kgs.
  • 4 mete skip bin can take load up to 800 kg
  • 5 mete skip bin can take load upto1000 kg
  • And so on the largest skip bin available for general waste is 12-meter skip  bin can bear up to 2400kgs


Mixed heavy waste

Usually consist of turf Preps, Heavy Glass, concrete, dirt, and bricks, there is no limit to the weight.


Commercial & Construction

Typically is suitable for waste gathered from the bathroom &remodeling kitchen, broken and waste tiles, wood, Gyprock, any metal & plastic waste.

  • 3 meter skip bin can take load up to 1200kgs,
  • 4 meter skip bin 1600kgs,
  • 5meter skip bin 2000kgs
  • And so on the largest skip bin 12 meters skip bin can carry up to 4800kgs.


100% Soil

The skip bin booked is suitable for site preps, garden beds, pool dig outs, small gravel rocks up to 30mm.

100% Garden Green Waste

The skip bins for garden waste are ideal for garden cleaning allows Palm thorns, tree branches, tree trunks with a diameter less than 400mm.

  • 3 meter skip bin can take load upto600kgs
  • 4 meter skip bin 800kgs
  • 5 meter skip bin 1000kgs
  • And so on the largest skip bin 12 meters skip bin can carry upto2400kgs.

Why put extra effort to dispose of the waste yourself and also have a higher probability of improper disposal of waste can that put in trouble. Hire the expert and professional service for quick and proper disposal of the garbage.





Cheapa Skips
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