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Air duct cleaning a scam or really worth the money

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Air duct cleaning a scam or really worth the money


In recent times duct cleaning has become very popular because people have realized its significance. Its impact on health and other energy bills have led to make people realize the worth of getting air duct cleaning regularly. With numerous commercial services popping up in the market we need to realize whether it is really worth getting air pipes cleaned regularly. This article will enhance upon the information that will assist you in deciding whether it will be beneficial for your home or not. 

Duct Cleaning Services

Numerous HVAC cleaning services around the globe provide some exceptional services at competitive rates. These services use dedicated blowers, vacuums, and brushes to sanitize out the supply, intake, and return ducts throughout your home or office. Ductwork cleaning service providers also provide you a complete sanitizing of air handler, registers, grilles, fans, motors, housings, and coils of the HVAC system.

Despite the fact that there is no conclusive evidence that says that regular duct, cleaning improves the air quality and reduces dust at your house or office. However, there is evidence of the fact that it removes dirt from heating and cooling coils motors, and air-handling units can make your HVAC unit less efficient.

 Most people assume that duct cleaning as an unnecessary task because they do not know the actual impact of having dirty and clogged ducts.

Duct cleaning a myth or really worth it

With time the concerns grow about the air quality thus it is very easy to convince homeowners that their ducts require cleansing. However, when the ducts are not dirty there is no reason why they should they require cleaning. Thus, if you want your money to be worth it, then do not go for duct cleaning when you feel it is not required. 

Professionals should do duct cleaning because they will do it with help of tools that are specifically designed for duct cleaning and they have the right expertise to deal with different situations. Although there are numerous DIY techniques that provide you solution for such problems but these solutions are temporary or not effective enough. After saying all that we could conclude that duct cleaning has no negative effect thus getting it done regularly is not bad because it doesn’t take away anything from you. However, it is highly important to ensure that duct cleaning done properly so that you do not have to do it repeatedly. Moreover, you could also reap the benefits in terms of low electricity bills. 

What are the situations when it is really worth getting ductwork cleaned?

Here we will be discussing some situations where duct cleaning would really be worth it. 

  1. Renovation 

Whenever you get your house renovated there is dust all around. People usually get everything washed out after getting their houses renovated. In such times cleaning air ducts will be worthy decision because all the dust around will flow into the duct work making it a house for debris and other dust particles. If you don’t clean the HVAC system in such situation the dust and debris will mix with the air particles that come through the heating and cooling system causing trouble for you and your family members. 

Despite the fact that you seal items like ductwork while getting things renovated at your house but there is still a chance of dust and debris getting into the ductwork. Thus, it is always recommended to get the ducts cleaned whenever there is a renovation at home, which makes the house dusty. 

  1. Animals 

Most of us ignore another very important element because we might not even notice. This is not for the people who are fond of keeping animals at home as it related to the crawling creatures who make ductwork their home in winters. Whenever there is an evidence of animal infestation or nesting in your ducts, it should be cleaned. When we say animals, we refer to the rodents and other crawling creatures who could hide in ductwork and ruin it with their presence. If you find out such a story then do not hesitate a moment to call the experts and get it cleaned right away. 

  1. Mold

Presence of Mold is another important reason that will make ductwork cleaning decision a worthy one. Mold and bacteria growth can simply ruin your duct system and may become a reason for complete replacement of duct system. Therefore, if you notice anything related to bacteria or mold in your duct system then just do not waste a moment and call the service providers right away. 


  1. Contaminants

It is highly important to know that you keep an eye on the kind of dust debris that are released in the room. If you notice that recently there has been a lot of debris or pet hair around then you need to have a look into your HVAC system and get it cleaned either by DIY tricks or through the professional help. If the damage is too much then the professional help could be asked for otherwise DIY techniques prove to be quite worthy. 

  1. Illness: 

Health issues are another major issue that should persuade you to spend a handful of amount on ductwork cleaning. We all are aware of the fact that dirty air ducts could be a reason for breathing issues, skin allergies and a lot more. Therefore, if you are feeling as if your family is suffering from such issues and they are worsening even after taking all the necessary precautionary measures then you need to get your ductwork system checked right away. 

To hire a professional ductwork services you need to call the service providers around you and take a feedback about them from your neighborhood. It is extremely important to get your ductwork cleaned regularly because it may lead to many such issues that have worse effect. So don’t waste any more time and hire the best ductwork professional right away. 

Mr Vitaly
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