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Neet study material allen

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Coaching centres are the preferred choice for most students as they don't want to miss the chance to ace the NEET exam. Gone are the days when tuitions were popular to get extra help; nowadays, coaching is considered to be a vital part of the preparation to succeed in the exam. Parents fear that their child may miss out something important if they fail to enrol.

A multitude of students enrols in coaching from as early as class 9. The question arises whether coaching for NEET at such an early age is really needed to ace the exam. To answer this question, let's take a look at the pros and cons of receiving coaching in class 9 as well as class 11.

The Pros of Joining NEET Coaching From Class 9

  • Students at the coaching centres learn logical and analytical skills during their preparation, which help them in their school exams as well.
  • As the syllabus of class 9 and 10 are prepared to work as a base for class 11 and 12, it helps students undergoing coaching to score better marks in the higher secondary exams.
  • Students at coaching centres work harder towards a goal in a competitive environment, and this helps them build a habit of discipline and punctuality.
  • As students undergo coaching for 4 years as part of the curriculum, the pressure and stress associated with learning are evenly spread out. The availability of more time to understand the concepts and clear doubts helps students to have a better understanding of the subjects.
  • Students of coaching centres can prepare themselves for various competitive exams as well.

The Cons of Joining NEET Coaching From Class 9

  • Enrolling for coaching classes is worth the effort, time and money spent if one is sure to opt for Medicine as their career. Without a clear idea about what this career path is all about, or if there is any doubt about whether they are fit for this career, it is better for the student to be sure about this before they join coaching.
  • Focusing only on a single career may restrict the vision of the student, making them less receptive to other career options. This might restrain them from trying other career choices that might be equally or a better fit for them. Students at the age of 14 or 15 are often not that matured to make such a crucial decision about their career.
  • High school is an essential phase in the development of emotional, social, and personal aspects of a child. Exposure to various activities helps a student develop into a decent person. But such personality development may suffer if the child spends a major part of their available time in attending coaching classes and preparing for competitive exams.
  • The coaching curriculum being focused and rigorous, students are expected to spend much of their time in attending coaching classes and to self-study at home. This limits the student's involvement with the school, thus hampering their academic and social life of the school.

The Pros of Joining NEET Coaching From Class 11

  • If a student starts attending coaching classes from 11th standard, he or she can use the earlier years to participate in various activities that help in building their skills and personality.
  • The student also comes to know about different careers available and their scopes before selecting the right one for them.
  • In addition to knowing the various career choices and their scopes, students also get an understanding of themselves, making it easier to select the right career option. They are more confident about their choice of career and are motivated to work harder to succeed in their chosen career.
  • With age and maturity, students find it easy to evaluate whether to opt for coaching or not and if they have the required time for it. The student is in a better position to deal with the pressure and stress associated with competitive exams.

The Cons of Joining NEET Coaching From Class 11

  • Students at this age have to deal with multiple expectations, and enrolling for entrance exam coaching can only add to their existing pressure. Once a stream is selected, they have to deal with a more advanced syllabus and coaching may turn out to be an added burden.
  • Starting coaching at this time may put the student at a disadvantage in comparison with students who have started preparation much earlier. They need to work much harder to achieve the expected level, which requires changing their daily routine.
  • The student is left with only two years to complete the entire syllabus. Hence, preparing for coaching means giving less time to prepare for board exams, and this may affect their scores. There are chances of the student suffering from increased stress and pressure.

When to Start Coaching for NEET - Class 9 or 11?

The answer lies in taking into account various factors like the student's capability to deal with academic pressure, schedule and routine, their comfort level with tutored learning, and their clarity about their attainable goal.

If you are unsure about whether to enrol your child in coaching in class 9, though you would like them to be at the forefront, you can encourage them to begin self-study in class 9 and 10. Let them begin their studies with competitive exam books along with their academic books. Let them start slow and increase their preparation with time. The 2 years of preparation can provide your child with the head start for dedicated preparation during coaching study later on.

 It must, however, be noted that coaching classes are not an absolute necessity as many NEET aspirants have performed remarkably well without it too. It is up to your child and you to decide the best course of preparation to pass the NEET exams successfully.


 It is quite natural for parents to see their children become successful in their career and life; but in seeking to make this happen, you must not set high expectations for your child that could put unnecessary pressure on them and may affect their emotional development.

Hence, parents must not set their children's career choice in stone in their early years without exploring the various career options available that have similar (or even better) growth potential. Let your children explore and understand the various career avenues and their own potential before setting the career that matches best with them. If you are doubtful about the selection of career for your child, feel free to contact an expert and discuss in detail.



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