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Can You Live In A Temporary Storage Unit?

Mohammed Yusri
Can You Live In A Temporary Storage Unit?


Temporary storage units or spaces have a lot of conveniences to offer in the age of modern living. In times of relocating, they can be used in stashing valuable household items that may get damaged on the move. They provide extra space for people who have cramped up apartments and want to de-clutter their living spaces. Temporary storage units may also be used for commercial storage purposes. Outdoor storage units are like garages with similarly styled doors. Storage units can be used for storing items of high monetary or sentimental value. 

Common reasons for renting extra space storage

Some of the most common reasons for renting Extra space storage are:

  1. Home sellers may want to store away personal or valuable items while staging or selling a home.
  2. A college-going student may need extra storage space because dormitories tend to get cluttered very quickly.
  3. Customers may need to temporarily store their belongings in storage units while relocating from one place to another.
  4. Military personnel often rent Temporary storage units during overseas relocation.
  5. People may store essential documents and paperwork in Document storage units.

These services can be easily availed from Self storage space rental Singapore.

However, despite these conveniences that Temporary storage units offer us, it is not feasible to live in a storage unit. In most countries, it is, in fact, illegal to reside in a storage facility.

Here are a few reasons why one should never consider living in a temporary storage unit.

  1. You will get caught and possibly arrested.

Storage facilities always have various levels of security measures in place. The staff makes use of cameras, password-coded gates, and on-site management to maintain the security for its tenants. If one does get caught, they will be charged with either violating the norms of their lease or be guilty of committing a civil crime. The manager may confront you directly with a warning. He may also kick you and your belongingd6out of the facility.

  1. It's extremely uncomfortable.

Needless to stay, a space intended to store objects will be super uncomfortable for people to stay in. If you are living in an outdoor storage facility, it will either be too hot or too cold to live in. If you are living in climate-controlled, indoor storage facilities, you're susceptible to claustrophobia or diseases stemming from the lack of natural lighting.

  1. You could die

Storage facilities are not meant to be opened from the inside. In case, one gets locked inside a storage unit; they will have to wait for someone to come and unlock it from the outside. In case no one shows up for a long period, the person may die from claustrophobia and breathing complications. Living in a storage unit means one cannot escape if any disaster strikes. In case there is a fire, and one gets locked inside the facility on fire, it will become nearly impossible for them to come out alive.


Temporary Storage Units have a lot of added advantages in  21st-century life. Our modern lifestyles require space and storage options for comfortable living. However, it is very unwise and mostly criminal to live inside a storage facility. There are several unwarranted and problematic situations one can land in a while living in a temporary storage space.

Mohammed Yusri
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