Revamp Your Outdoor Living Beautifully With Amazing Unilock Pavers Ideas & Designs

Michael Faherty

Paver is a commonly used decorative method of creating hardstanding or a pavement. The main advantage of using bricks as compared to other materials is that individual bricks can be lifted and replaced. This allows for remedial work carried out under replacement. Typical areas of use can be driveways, pedestrian precincts, town centers, pavements, and road surfing.

Unilock pavers south store specializes in a variety of outdoor living products which include paving stones, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, decorative hardscape, fireplaces, and outdoor lighting. Teamed with the nation’s leading manufacturers of retaining wall systems and paving stones, our goal is the accommodate the discerning needs of builders, homeowners, contractors, and landscape architects.

Their products are designed to give endless design durability and flexibility. As a way for our clients to visualize outdoor options, they worked with landscape partners to complete the outdoor idea center. They are devoted to life-size hardscape projects, by displaying patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and other landscape products. Moreover, they deliver materials by specialized machines to prevent unnecessary moving and lifting. Here are some unilock pavers ideas & designs that will help you make your outdoor living the space of your dreams.


The paver provides a detectible warning for wheelchairs and pedestrians on approach to vehicle traffic and other hazards. While providing this visual and textural contrast, the paver blends well with surrounding areas of pavers, stones, and concrete.


Unilock classic pavers and walls are manufactured to exceed standards for strength and quality. Available in classic styles and shapes, these products utilize traditional product mix of small and large aggregates that are consistent from bottom to top with color mixed throughout.

Natural Stone

Unilock produces Bucine bluestone from Florence and Tuscany. Bucine Bluestone is a sandstone sourced directly from Italy, is being widely used for centuries and was the material of choice for artisans and artists in the history of Italian art and Renaissance.


Leading the landscape industry with the best selection of manufactured hardscape products, Unilock offers an impressive variety of premium Porcelain Tile. Suitable for concrete overlays and wooden deck, Unilock porcelain tile also offers an array of unique design and color options.

Fireplaces and Grills

Reflecting the cues of antiqued patina and quarried stone as the classic Brussels Block paver, the Barcelona fireplace brings timeless warmth relaxed appearance to any project. Unilock pre-built fireplaces can be ordered and installed in a day, so one can enjoy the warmth of fire right away.

With these design ideas, you can give your outdoor living a look you desire. But you would be needed help from an expert that you can find simply by searching the best outdoor remodeling contractors near me. Whether you want a country casual or a sleek and modern look for your outdoor setting, such experts can help you achieve it. So, without delaying anymore, get started with your outdoor living remodeling process.

Michael Faherty
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