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Link Building for SEO

Rima Chandra
Link Building for SEO

What is link building? The practice encompasses placing your website’s backlinks on external websites of higher authority. The good thing here is that Google views the backlinks to the other website as a recommendation of your site to others. Google assumes that your content is so important that higher authority sites want to place it in front of their followers. That means you have to take link-building seriously if you want to improve your site’s ranking on search engines. There are two types of backlinks; do-follow and no-follow.

Do-follow links will help you in scores and this improves your ranking and site’s metrics. In addition to directing traffic, they aid in bringing in scores. No-follow on the other hand has the main objective of directing traffic but doesn't help in improving scores. Thus you must learn to balance the two.

 Continue reading and see the reason why you need to do link building.

 Link Building Increases Web Traffic

Are you looking forward to attracting a relevant audience from authority websites in your industry? Then link building is for you. An effective link building strategy will focus on relevant industry niches and audiences. Once you have the numbers, you can present your products or services. Companies that take link building seriously find it easy. It just takes effort, consistency, and professional digital marketing company.

Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

Link building is part of SEO and if you do it perfectly, Google and other search engines will trust you and rank you on top of search results. What does that mean? This means that when an online user is looking for relevant information or offerings, the likelihood of landing on your site is high and if you have the solution, then you make the sale.

Higher Website Metrics and Improved SEO Scores

Have you ever heard of domain authority (DA), Page Rank (PR), and Alexa rank? These are website metrics that search engines use to rank your site. When perfectly done, backlinking improve these metrics, and the higher they are the healthier and more visible your site is.

Web Credibility

Link building on authority sites is like an endorsement from them, and Google values that when ranking your site. It improves your credibility on the search engines and for users as well.

Increased Sales and Revenues

Once you’ve got high traffic through backlinking, you have a new opportunity to market your offerings and you can be sure of high sales and increased revenues. It also gives you an avenue to introduce new products to the market and new avenues of revenue.

Improved Networking and Relationships

Google recommends that you backlink in higher authority sites that are in your industry.  Relevancy is the new Google’s Page Rank. That means you’ll be connected to other players and authoritative voices in your industry. Thus, link building done strategically by reputable link building services will open new collaborations and deepen your business relationships.

There is a lot of information on link building but different experts have varied views on the strategies. Google only allows sites to use only white hat link building tricks. The use of black or grey hat tricks is prohibited and may lead to your site being banned. That means your DIY SEO techniques may land you in problems, so get a good digital marketing company to help you get value for your money. 

Rima Chandra
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