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7 must needed features in a bitcoin exchange

alice jenifferze
7 must needed features in a bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin, we could say “The global currency” has caught the most prominent place in the global market. The price of the bitcoin in the year 2011 is just 2$ and now in the year 2020, the price of one BTC is nearly $10,000. just look at the unbelievable drastic growth in the decade!

 Now people started realizing the power of bitcoins and want to buy it. The one and only place to get bitcoins is Bitcoin exchanges. In the initial days, bitcoins exchanges suffer a lot with some technical and security issues. Later then, some advanced features and security measures are adopted by exchanges for butter smooth trading.

 Here we are going to discuss some must needed features for a bitcoin exchange

 Bitcoin Escrow

 Security is the primary concern for every traders, Bitcoin Escrow offers high standard security provided by multi signature wallet. Here there is no chances for theft and hacking. Buyer and seller can safely buy and sell bitcoins.

 AD-Posting features

 Ad-posting is the very useful features for both buyer and seller. It let traders to make a ad with details such as price of the crypto, payment method,number of BTC, location, etc, so that it would reach some other traders precisely. This features is must needed for efficient trading

 P2P trading

 Peer to Peer trading, here there is no central authority to monitor the trading activity. Transaction occurs between their own crypto wallet. So there is no centralized cloud server here, it actually gives hack free environment .

 Margin trading

 Margin trading let you trade even if you not have enough money. This feature lets you trade by borrowing from other traders or form the exchange owner

 Future trading

 Future trading is the process where you can sign agreement to buy bitcoin in the future for fixed price ,it will much helpfull for traders in the ever changing crypto market

 Trading Bot

 Trading Bot is the automatic bot where can you set limits to buy or sell bitcoin. It saves traders time by trade automatically when price certain price hits

 De-centralized Exchange

 Trader like to trade in a de-centralized exchange without any centralized authority for high-security standards

 The above are the must needed features that the bitcoin exchanges should have to sustain succesful in the market. The easiest way to build exchange with the above features is Bitcoin Exchange Script. In this script one can also integrate some advanced trending features.

alice jenifferze
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