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The Top Ten Gaming Mouse Pads in the Year 2020

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The Top Ten Gaming Mouse Pads in the Year 2020

These best gaming mouse pads offer you sharp control and great aesthetics irrespective of the surface.

The gaming mouse pads offer value to the online gaming experience of high-end users and online game players. These gaming mouse pads ensure an optimum gaming experience both in texture and uniformity of the surface at all times. However, gaming mouse pads come under the peripherals, which are often overlooked. But, they are incredibly beneficial to online game players. Since online gaming demands precise and quick movements of the mouse, the gaming mouse pad improves in-game performance when the online game players don’t need to pick up and keep their mouse at the center again and again. Moreover, a decent gaming mouse pad allows your gaming mouse to remain accurate, precise, and consistent.

Luckily, it is effortless to find the best gaming mouse pad if you are searching for one. It would be best if you asked a few questions yourself before you are moving to purchase a gaming mouse pad. These questions include how much you can afford to spend?, Do you need some added features or accessories?, How big a mouse pad do you want?. Once you will find the answer to these questions, it will become easy for you to choose the best gaming mouse pad for yourself.

Besides, it would be best if you remembered that you couldn’t look for new features and accessories every month as the gaming mouse pads often don’t come with the same frequency as that of gaming mice. Also, the best gaming mouse pad can drive more productivity, even for office workers. These gaming mouse pads also feature a solid grip and an appropriate size with a durable surface. To make your selection easy, here is the list of some best gaming mouse pads with their features.

The Best Gaming Mouse Pads That You Should Buy

Logitech G240

Logitech G240 gaming mouse pad has a rubber base and requires no setup time. The gaming mouse pad has a sleek design and durable accessories. It is highly functional, giving the online game players an enhanced precision and sensor-based accuracy. The gaming mouse pad offers a consistent and clean surface texture. It stands out of the crowd with its rubber grips and cloth-based surface type. Moreover, you can optimize it for Logitech mice. In simple terms, the gaming mouse pad has a full line of muse sensors keeping its movement at the right speed.



Logitech G440

It has a hard surface providing the online game players and other high-end users the same straightforward experience that they get from different cloth-based softer options of Logitech. It features ultra-low surface friction offering the online game players an ideal surface with high DPI for quick and precise mouse movements and quick hand movements. Besides, it has a polyethylene surface allowing the mouse to move quickly even if you are applying minimum force.



Razer Sphex V2

The 14×10 inches gaming mouse pad can be considered as a reliable accessory. It is small enough to cover most of the desks but big enough to provide motion in a wide range. It has a smooth surface of polycarbonate, which can withstand wear and tear. The ultra-thin gaming mouse pad gives the online game players a seamless experience and delivers high-quality tracking for both optical gaming mice and laser. It comes with the enhanced adhesive base making it stay firm even in top conditions and intense play.



Corsair MM1000

The 14.2×10.2 inches gaming mouse pad has an in-built LED-based charging indicator giving the information about the charging status instantly. Also, it has a dedicated pass-through port for USB 3.0 for other peripherals or signal adaptors. The decent gaming mouse pad is not only robust but has weight also. It uses the open-source charging standard Qi. It means you can charge your accessories whenever you want without connecting a USB wire. Moreover, charging some other Qi-based gadgets like headsets and phones are also possible. Corsair gaming mouse works exceptionally well with the gaming mouse pad.



SteelSeries QcK Heavy XXL

The gaming mouse pad has an extra-large size that comes with 35.4×15.7 inches and sturdy cloth surface. It is big enough to put an entire keyboard on its top suitable still you will find the leftover space as a traditional gaming mouse often left. It has smooth surface optimizing accuracy for mouse tracking for both laser and optical sensors. It is a heavy gaming mouse pad reducing the imperfections that you don’t want to face while playing any online game. Moreover, its large and tight texture is suitable for giving fast and smooth glides.



Cooler Master MP510

The gorgeous and best cloth-based gaming mouse pad woven from the corduroy fabric makes it water-resistant to spilled drinks or anything else. It is a decent and genuine gaming mouse pad giving the best gaming experience to online game players by not obstructing the rest of your gaming PC’s desktop setup. It is an upgrade in every point, whether it is durability, performance, or accuracy. It comes packaged in a lot of dark gray and purple colors with lettering in big white. Also, you can find the specifications in the box.



Artisan Ninja FX Shidenkai

The gaming mouse pad comes with the soft pad embedded with tiny beads of glasses. It has the unique composition used in the gaming mouse pad makes it suitable for the mouse’s accurate and quick movements. Also, the gaming mouse pad makes the mouse gliding smooth and precise and improves the in-game performance of the players.



Roccat Alumic

The other hard mouse is made up of anodized aluminum but capable of giving a genuinely flat surface required for playing online games. Moreover, the gaming mouse pad also offers two other textures providing a smooth surface for more mouse gliding and fast movements. In simple terms, it provides the gaming mouse with high quality, entirely different from what we often see in the market. The gaming mouse pad has also included high quality and free moving wrist rest.



  Glorious 3XL Extended

The gaming mouse pad can be termed as the yoga mat designed basically to cover your desk entirely. At the same time, it offers a padded cover, which is quite soft, making your desk look comfortable and expensive. Moreover, it allows online game players a fast mouse movement and gliding. The extended and large gaming mouse pad provides a solid base for improving your typing experience and reducing noise. Moreover, it offers a unique blend of control and speech-making that is well suited for any situation.



 Razer Firefly V2

This gaming mouse pad can be considered the best RGB mouse pad with RGB lighting emerging from your keyboard, gaming PC, and mouse. It completes your setup with RGB lighting coming out from everything else, including your mouse. Moreover, the gaming mouse pad offers brighter LEDs and more lighting zones, almost four in numbers to boot. It comes with ultra-wide and micro-textured hard surfaces providing accuracy for precise and quick movements. The gaming mouse pad has altogether 19 lighting zones illuminating the entire desk surface. It has a unique cable catch feature designed to reduce the dragging of the cable for wired mice.



The Best Gaming Mouse Pad: How to Choose for Yourself?

The process of choosing a gaming mouse pad filled with features is not so complicated. First of all, make sure if you want a gaming mouse pad with a soft or hard surface. Further, you will need to decide how many specs you want your gaming mouse pad to take on the desk. Also, find out the accessories and other features that you want in your gaming mouse pad. Some users may find a soft surface more suitable for online gaming, and some may find hard surfaces suitable. However, both soft and hard surfaces are ideal for online gaming and last long if purchased from the reputed manufacturers.

The two extra features that gaming mouse pad manufacturers often offer are RGB lighting and wireless charging. You may do a little research to know the utility of both features before purchasing a gaming mouse pad. RGB lighting often does not provide much functionality, but wireless charging offers a lot of functionality. For example, you can charge various Qi devices in the Corsair MM1000 gaming mouse pad. On the contrary, the Logitech PowerPlay allows you to charge multiple Logitech mice.


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