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Welcome to Minxin Industrial, We specialize in manufacturing industrial exhaust fan and cooling fan. We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality exhaust fan and cooling fan.


MINXIN INDUSTRIAL provides turnkey production service for industrial exhaust fans and air coolers

1.Minxin Industrial was established in 2015, with 10 complete production lines for exhaust fans and water air coolers.

  1. Our company features a 20,000㎡ manufacturing plant, and 200+ experienced engineers & skilled workers.
  2. We primarily serve the industrial, commercial, greenhouse, poultry, dairy and swine sectors.
  3. Our commitment to continuous research and development in the air cooling and ventilation field has awarded us with more than 25 patents, and 500+ satisfied customers worldwide.


Minxin Industrial can deliver any quantity of industrial fans and air coolers within 7 days, moreover, we are able to take care of shipping and custom clearance in most countries in the world.


We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing high quality ventilation and cooling fans, all products are CE certified, and we are working to obtain more certifications like UL,KV-MARK, GS etc.


Supporting 200 employees, our 20,000 square meter factory is top-notch, Minxin Industrial produces all the parts of exhaust fans and air coolers in its own facility.


For sales inquiries or customer support, we are always here for you, all requests will be handled within 12 hours.

We offer one-year quality guarantee and lifetime aftersale services for our ventilation fans and air coolers.

Most of today's new homes are highly insulated and practically air tight. While this is great as far as cost effective energy bills go, the down side to tightly insulated homes is poor indoor air quality. As windows and doors are typically kept shut throughout the day, moisture, and stale air that can carry contaminants and pathogens circulates inside homes and gives rise to various problems including mold and mildew, health problems, ruined furniture, peeling paint etc. This is why it is important that you take every step to improve the quality of your indoor air, which can be achieved through mechanical ventilation.


An excellent way to ventilate your home thoroughly, efficiently, and cheaply is to install exhaust fans in your home. This article explains what exhaust fans are, their different types, how to select the best one for your home, and also the benefits of exhaust ventilation fans.

What Are Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan is a mechanical ventilation device that helps to draw out stale and impure air from your home and bring in fresh air, thereby improving the quality of indoor air. Exhaust fans are typically ducted to the exteriors of your house, through which bad indoor air can effectively be removed from your living space.

Types Of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are classified into various types, mainly depending on the type of mount and the location where you need to install the fans. The different types are:

  1. Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans: As the name suggests, ceiling exhaust fans are those which are installed in the ceiling. Such fans expel stale air from your home upwards through the roof. The fan is connected to ducting, which is exhausted outside the home via an external vent, like a roof cap or soffit exhaust vent.

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harunrashiod1000 harunrashiod1000
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