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Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation Services Singapore

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation Services Singapore

Exhaust fan utility, installation, and maintenance aspects. 

Smoke and steam are generally dispelled from the house through ventilators. They are devices that supplement the expelling of moisture, kitchen fumes, and other unwanted air through a specified duct that leads outside the building. It finds its utility in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry, where the moisture content is generally very high.


Kitchen Exhaust Fan Services

Exhaust fans are sometimes fitted on the ceiling to prevent any mould or mildew build-up, however, kitchen exhaust fans are the commonest ones, which remove any unwanted cooking odors and fumes. Bathroom exhaust fans are installed in order to eliminate bad odors caused due to hindrances in odor escape. Skylights, wall-mounted, range hoods, and similar are in general categorized under the exhaust fan classification. It is quite important to choose that best suits the room size and airflow that is essential. Like all other gadgets even exhaust fans need proper maintenance and timely servicing in order to extend their life and performance. Hence the most preferred way is to opt for the preventative maintenance method which not only extends the life but ensures it is operating safely and has a quality of performance.


Exhaust Fan Placement:

Amongst the most widely preferred locations, are our kitchen, and bathroom exhaust fans. They play a vital role in removing moisture that causes damage and aggravates mould growth. Along with eliminating smoke, cooking odors, and greasy air, they allow free circulation of fresh air which is a must within the kitchen. They are also installed in other areas, such as a garage, studio, workshop, and laundry rooms. Even in these locations it eliminates smoke, fumes, and other contaminants, and improves air circulation in the room. It is an important fixture in attics, and here they reduce the temperature, and humidity, and help reduce cooling costs, protecting framing, and roofing materials.


Exhaust fan installation:

Installing an exhaust fan requires professional knowledge and skills. Electrical connections and ventilation ducts lead to the exterior so that the expelled air is safely led outside. In this respect ceiling exhaust fans make use of ducts inside the walls or ceiling that reach a safe exit point. Mounted on a wall expels the unwanted air and airborne impurities directly outside and this kind of set-up does not require any ductwork. Coming to the aspect of the replacement the process is a straightforward action because of the existing wiring and duct, compared to the new utility, bath, or at kitchen installation which can be intricate.


Professional Installation

Although it may sound simple installing an exhaust fan can turn out to be a difficult job, especially while working in confined spaces, modified cabinets, cutting through the interior and exterior walls, and a roof, as well. In such cases only a qualified installer or licensed electrician will be able to carry out the job, ensuring the installation is done in a safe and correct way.



In a nutshell, the bottom line can be to provide significant ventilation in kitchens, and bathrooms and can prove to be very convenient add-ons even in the case of workshops, basements, and utility areas.

Techtimia Engineering specializes in all types of commercial exhaust fans (FAF & EAF), Jet Fans & Axial Fans installation, Maintenance & Service.

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