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Tips To Secure Your Home with Magical Smarthome Devices

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Tips To Secure Your Home with Magical Smarthome Devices

As technically advanced gadgets and magical smarthome devices make life easier and efficient for the home owners, it also poses some of the threats that should not be ignored. As IoT products bring convenience to your life, they also make your home vulnerable to threats. It is important to have a proper plan for safeguarding your important data and devices from criminals. 

Using Smarthome devices takes your home security and privacy at stake. Every new connected device put another privacy issue on your shoulders. If the cybercriminal gets access to your data they can hack all the devices. Thereby, IoT security is a growing concern these days.

So, long story short, there are few tips that help you secure your smarthome with the magical smart devices, have a glance below;


  • Router Name


It is the first step to change your Wi-Fi router name to something different that doesn't relate to your personal identity. When you buy the router, it has its own make and model name and password that is easy to identify if the cybercriminal get access to your device. Be unique and creative in assigning the router name that doesn’t show any kind of personal data.


  • Use Of Encryption


It is vital to use strong encryption methods for Wi-Fi that is usually WAP2. It helps keep communication and access secure. If your router is an old model and only supports WPA protocol, you must change it or upgrade it.


  • Setting Difficult Passwords


It is easy for cybercriminals to access the default passwords that are usually associated with the IoT devices. Therefore, try setting a unique, difficult and strong password for your connected devices and Wi-Fi networks. Other than this, you have to change passwords for other devices that require sign in information. Setting different passwords for each device is recommended so that in case one device gets trapped, the other remains secure and intact. Setting different passwords for different devices can be a troublesome task as it becomes difficult for you to remember each password. The idea is to write all the passwords on a paper and safely place it in a secure place.


  • Separate Wi-Fi Network For IoT Devices


Today, modern routers have the ability to set up a guest network that allows you to make a separate network that is only linked to the IoT devices. This way your main internet network will remain intact against threats and cybercrimes. 


  • Disable Remote Access


As you know that IoT devices allow you to manage things remotely from anywhere on the planet. It is important to disable such options if you don’t need them. For instance, you’re smart speakers are capable of Bluetooth connectivity despite Wi-Fi, but if you don’t use it often, turn it off. 

Everyone can wish to make their home a smart home by purchasing magical Smarthome devices, but you have to keep the security of your IoT products in concern as well. By following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can better secure your home and valuable devices from cyber threats and criminals.

Tech inn
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