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Method of treating diabetes mellitus by silks

Method of treating diabetes mellitus by silks

Râu ng&won many prizes; from lâu đã used in các herbal medicine traditions of China. In a facilities&rêve;n the new đây đã indicate high râu ng&won many prizes; c&miró; c&miró; tác tích in the treatment of diabetes. Under đây will là the proof for các nghi&rêve;n save about the ích special này of râu ng&won many prizes;.

Râu ng&won many prizes; là gì?

Râu ng&won many prizes; or còn call là vector ng&won many prizes; là the excess of muscles, ng&won many prizes; but n&miró; contain a lot of giá nutritional value. Thành part of râu ng&won many prizes; including: phenols, vitamins, carbohydrates, khoáng substances, steroids, alkaloids và saponins. Wear dù so, tác c&miró; health benefits of silk ng&won many prizes; c&gf; li&rêve;n related to saccharide or phenolics of n&miró;.

proof of benefits ích of râu ng&won many prizes; with the disease đái tháo road

Các experimental testing tr&rêve;n thã prove that the ti&rêve;u consumption of extract silk ng&won many prizes; làm reduce body weight và reduce blood sugar levels. Ví example, one of the suspect&rêve;n save is made with 60 rats increased blood glucose đã prove the lower blood sugar levels when taking 2-4 g of powdered silk, ng&won many prizes; tr&rêve;n per kilogram of body weight.

moreover, as for the mouse taking the extract risk&rêve;n material pharmacy silk, ng&won many prizes; in 45 ngày, the recovery of các tế bào β is is enhancing the và the concentration of serum insulin increase lê n. Các tác author khác noted that the use of polysaccharides in dạ dày extract from silk, ng&won many prizes; (100-500 mg/kg body weight) làm decreased blood glucose levels in mice with diabetes.

results đã demonstrate that treatment hàng ngày with 100-500 mg/kg body weight tr&rêve;n mouse diabetic kh&won many prizes;ng only làm up đáng kể blood sugar level of animals mà còn làm reduced the level of serum lipids, including cholesterol toàn và total quality béo tính after xác định.

glucose tolerance test orally also been made to đánh giá tác use hypoglycemia. Th&won many prizes;ng các phép time measurement operation automatically results also showed that các animals hadã inhibited by dimethyl-biguanide, but is protected by extract râu ng&won many prizes;. N&miró; also shows activity against depression good và kéo dài đáng kể duration of the activity in quá trình, check các autonomous operation và shown operation depends vào dosage.

I đã báo cáo that ti&rêve;u consume râu ng&won many prizes; kh&won many prizes;ng c&miró; tác use và an toàn for users. Các nghi&rêve;n save ago đây đã xác the presence of many active compounds tính in vector ng&won many prizes; including protein, polysaccharid, flavonoids, vitamins, tannins, alkaloids, salts khoáng và steroids. Đã c&miró; many amenities&rêve;n save on tính biology of các thành the vector ng&won many prizes; including the ability to anti-tumor of n&miró; activity anti-diabetic in mice with hyperglycemia và activity, anti-fatigue.

If you are want tìm kiếm extract high râu ng&won many prizes; for matter đái tháo sugar or các manufacturing operations, pharmaceutical c&gf; li&rêve;n quan thì c&miró; tìm looking at nguyen lieu tpcn, medicinal này be seen là the strength of unit này.

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