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Use These Personal Assistant Apps on Your Android Device to Make Your Life Easier With Artificial Intelligence

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Use These Personal Assistant Apps on Your Android Device to Make Your Life Easier With Artificial Intelligence

At times, we all wish that we had a personal assistant who would do the little vital tasks for us and provide us with dependable guidance whenever needed. However, all of us can’t hire a paid assistant, and thanks to artificial intelligence that we don’t need one either. We have lots of personal mobile assistant apps available with rich artificial intelligence in the market. These apps will interact with you quickly, provide you weather reports and sports updates, check emails for you, and schedule your tasks. They will also help you in making lists and finding places on the map and do many such things which even an excellent human assistant cannot. You just have to be wise in choosing your assistant right. In this article, we are going to look at the best personal mobile assistant apps which are rich with artificial intelligence and available on your voice commands. Let’s scroll through this list of best voice assistants available for Android. 


Google App

When we are talking about the best personal assistant AI apps available for Android, Google cannot be ignored, and that’s why we have ranked it first on our list. If you want to experience the magic of the digital world, then Google Voice Assistant or Google App is the best pick. You can use this app to receive updates about weather and sports, news and movies, and anything you want to know just by using your voice. All you have to say is “OK GOOGLE,” and ask your question and it will present you with an answer in a loud voice. It works in multiple languages and can be used to find a nearby restaurant or a holiday destination on a different continent. You can also use Google Assistant to control your device and other connected devices and your smart home as well. It comes with all the fantastic qualities of a good assistant and can be used to make appointments and send messages, open apps on your phone, to read notifications for you and to translate in real-time. You can also play some cool games on it. All these advanced and unique features make it the best personal assistant AI app for Android. 


Jarvis is a comparatively new but brilliant personal assistant, which provides you with all the updates of news, weather, and sports, which you need every day, and also makes calls for you and sends texts. It can again remind you of contacting someone if you attach an alert. The excellent part about Jarvis is that it can also be accessed from the lock screen with a single tap. You can use this app to set critical alarms and reminders. It also enables you to play songs of your choice even via Bluetooth. You can also change settings and backgrounds of your phone with this app according to your need. It has got a specific voice command feature, which can be used to access different functions of your phone with your voice only. It has an interactive interface, and you can have an informative conversation with it, along with receiving some witty answers. It can also be controlled with your smartwatch. This app, with many advanced offerings, is available on Google Play Store. 


If you are using Windows 10 on your phone or computer, then you might already know about the Cortana voice assistant, which has got some advanced features. Good things are Cortana is now available for Android also and can be used on your Android device to do all the tasks of an excellent personal assistant application. It can also provide you some more help in functioning your daily lives than just giving information. Along with presenting information like weather and local happenings, it can compose and send texts for you, make phone calls, set reminders and alarms, and offer you search results from Bing as well just with your voice. Cortana is much more like Google Voice Assistant, and you can give it a try for sure by downloading from Google Play Store. 

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is another good personal assistant rich with AI for your Android phone. It can do all the basics like providing you accurate updates of news, sports, weather, and local happenings and to find the places nearby. What makes this app special is some unique capabilities. If you are using Dragon Mobile Assistant on your phone, then you will be able to make it post on Facebook and tweet on Twitter on your behalf. It will collect your informational input and handle your social media accounts for you. It can also help you in managing your meetings and setting event reminders. This app is enabled to recognize the voice of a singular user so it can be controlled and given command by you only. If you are using it in “Attentive Mode,” you will also be able to use this app even if the screen is off. 

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is one of the most successful voice assistant apps. It is offered by a reputed company like Amazon and was launched in 2014. You can use Alexa to make website searches or to search for products on Amazon. This is a machine learning app which collects your useful information and shows results according to your need. This personalized voice assistant can be used to make calls and message your contacts, and to play music or to receive weather and news updates. If you want to read a book but are lazy enough to read on your own, then it can also narrate a kindle book for you. You can also receive schedules of sports events and movie shows with Amazon Alexa. It also allows you to order and track products available on Amazon. It is one of the best and among the most popular voice assistants available for Android on Google Play Store. 


If you are an Android user, you are lucky enough to pick any of the voice assistants available in plenty on different platforms. In this article, we have listed the top voice assistants based on their features and capabilities, and you can choose the one which suits your needs best and makes your life convenient, comforting, and luxurious. 


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Jack thomson
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