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Word Press is the biggest world platform for making websites. Each and everyone know about it, but only a few knows about the elementor. Here I will tell you about the elementor. Elementor is the page builder for Word Press. It contains different features like that of easy customization, easy picking, and managing of the items on the page. Elementor e-commerce templates are specially designed for business purposes. These can be added to have more traffic in your store. For more of a beautiful template you can also look in the templatemonster.com it also provides you amazing templates for your website. 


 Following are the best 23 elementor themes that one can use for its website:-


  1. OCEAN WP:-

 It works amazingly with the elementor. It provides many features and works efficiently that why it is the most important theme. The best feature is it less intake of time while loading that provides speed to the website. Its compatibility with the Woo Commerce is also a major feature.




 It is also one of the major themes that are very speedy and it can customize easily than other themes. It is a strong theme that can be used to make a website related to any kind. 


  1. Atmosphere Pro:-


 This theme is fully optimized with the Woo Commerce to start up your business effectively. It also contains many other features as changes in the layout of the website. Add or remove outdated pictures along with updating the blog and the content which seems old to you know and this is a reliable theme.


  1. Hestia pro:-


 This type of template is mostly suitable with the website having a niche related to fashion, style, and all this type because this theme is having a stylish outlook for the suitable niche when provided to this theme can make your website perfect. Along with this, the Woo Commerce is fully compatible with this theme.


  1. Generate press:-


 This theme is fully optimized with the SEO. As this is optimized so one will get a huge benefit over search engine and will rank high. Alongside this it is very friendly and can give easy customization to the owner to grow business easily. The all necessary things can be done by this theme.


  1. Page builder framework:-


 The quality of this theme is indicated by the name or possess. As the name shows that this theme is specifically made for building an elementor. It is having a good scrolling system. It is reliable, easy to use, and along with this feature, it is a very safe theme and compatible with e-Commerce.


  1. Essence Pro:-


 Epic designed the theme of Word Press specially built for the category of style and this type of niche. The basic foundation of this theme is provided by the genesis theme which its self is a big name. This is what provides the basic foundation and the best performance for this theme.


  1. SIZIFY:- 


 This type of theme is mostly developed for beginners to understand the world of the web. This is easy to handle and with simple options around it which makes this theme a quality one. It works efficiently no matter you are using a free or paid theme of the world's largest website running platform Word Press. 


  1. Potenza:-


 A theme with a columnar layout alongside this is the theme that contains only a single page built for the Word Press theme. It is effective and efficient. It can be used to make any kind of web easily. It is reliable and secure. Easy drag and customization of the background, while scrolling is Easy too.


  1. Customify:- 


 As the name indicates it can be customized easily having a lot of features regarding the in the building of the website for Word Press. Mostly suitable for business purposes can provide the best services for your online store. Easy to navigate with a change in colors and all that kind of stuff.


  1. Zelle:-


 It is a single page, a multilingual website can be used in with the e-commerce as it is more suitable for the business. The store web will be very suitable because it can also do customization and is very reliable and secure for your store web.


  1. Button interactive:-


 It is a beautiful theme that is very attractive having light and dark colors. This is one of the most amazing themes with a highly amazing navigation system that can help you around. Adding images to the headers and footers is very easy. It is a simple Word Press theme.


  1. Neve:-


 A beginner level theme that is made purely for the new ones who join the website platform for their business or with any other purpose. This theme is simple with easy navigation. It works best with the elementor and can easily be able to make the custom template. 


  1. Phlox:-


 A multi-purpose theme that is free and supports elementor theme. It is having the capability of creating a lot of layout and templates for creating a business niche template. It has some advanced features of having a background containing video also images. It is also blessed with a very advanced system of animated sections. 


  1. Alex:-


 If you are running a niche like the music you should opt for this type of template this will definitely provide you with a lot of traffic. Customization is easy and can be easily optimized. With other features, it can also add a video to your background.


  1. Hello:-


 The best part of this theme is its customization. The easy navigation and changing make it one of the major themes around the world it is very supportive and reliable. Elastic in having a footer and header. A good layout easily manageable is basic quality. 


  1. Alethea:-


 A premium theme well developed, an elastic theme that can provide you many features. It is best for the people around the globe who are having a website store for selling out products of the plants or running a nursery it is so because of its stylish outlook.


  1. ORFEO:-


 It is a single page multipurpose theme that is specially designed to make a website of any type. The customization is the main feature of this theme. The easy customization process can make it look cool among others. It is very simple in use so that's why one can make full use of it. It can be used to add a background, headers, and navigation system.


  1. Sydney Pro:-


 If you are running any business especially a small business around you must opt for the Sydney pro as it is very simple. Easily customize with the use of the Word Press elementor drag and drop. The major feature is it's compatible with the ecommerce.


  1. Listee:-


 It is a very strong and hard theme of the Word Press store having some great and highly advanced features. It is also compatible with the plugin of Word Press. It's other features also make them super strong. 


  1. ColorWay:-


 An enticing theme which is free to use. This type of theme is built specifically for the usage in the business, stores, hotels, and other small businesses. The colorful design is what makes its outlook unique. It is an enjoyable feature for the users that makes them feel super cool because of its looks.


  1. Public opinion:-


 As the name indicates it is a page that is designed for public matters. As such for the newspaper, articles, blogs, etc. It has many options to make organize your articles and others. It is very effective and provides you with good color stuff.


  1. DEEP:-


 One of the best themes around the social web. It is a single click installer and can make you start web in a single way. It contains several features such as scrolling, social channels, public reviews, and subscription. 




 In this article, we have discussed briefly the best elementor templates that you can opt for while doing the business on the internet. If you want to have more of the template you can look in the templatemonster.com and also the elementor ecommerce template which is specifically designed for the business purposes are also a source of choosing the best theme for your online store.

Jyoti Dhiman
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