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Medical Treatments Involved For Resolving Back Pain Problem

Nisha Singhal
Medical Treatments Involved For Resolving Back Pain Problem

In the ancient time, it was considered that back pain could easily get resolved with lots of rest and casual home remedies. But, with time the back pain has turned out to be a serious problem amongst today’s youth. Pain relief medications that are NSAID can help in relieving the discomfort. Application of hot compress or ice-pack to the problematic area is considered as the best home remedies to reduce the pain. Resting is required from exhausting activities but moving around would help in improving the stiffness, reduction of pain, and even bring a halt to the weakening of muscle. There are several best magnet therapy treatments in Delhi as a new introduction which promises to bring a huge difference in back pain than before.

Involvement of Medical treatment:

If home treatment turns to be a big failure then, it is recommended to go under the supervision of best back pain treatment in Delhi. They are the expert of both medication and physical therapy. Here the detail of the treatment involved in providing relief to back pain.


OTC painkillers are not considered as the best remedies for back pain. These medicines are the NSAID prescription medicine whereas, Codeine or hydrocodone comes under the narcotics group and is generally prescribed under the supervision of a doctor for a short period. In a few cases, it is accompanied by muscle relaxants to provide a better result. Amitriptyline is one of the popular antidepressants prescribed to relieve the back pain. Magnet therapy treatment in Delhi is considered as the alternative method to gain relief from the back pain.

Physical therapy:

Introduction of heat, ice, electrical, magnetic, ultrasound, or muscle relaxing technique helps in improving the pain of back muscle and soft tissue. With the improvement of pain, few of the exercise-related to flexibility and strength is introduced in the segment. Moreover, few techniques for the improvement of posture are added in the prescription of the patient to encourage them and even prevent the recurrence of back pain.

Cortisone injection:

If physical therapy and medication are not effective, then the best back pain treatment in Delhi allows the insertion of cortisone injections. It is injected in the epidural space that is present around the spinal cord. It is a sort of anti-inflammatory drug that is effective in causing a reduction in the inflammation caused by the nerve root. This is even used as a medication to numb the area that is causing pain. 


Botox that is named as botulism toxin is considered a good option to relieve the sign of pain by paralyzing the sprained muscles present in the spasm. This is a type of injection which effect lasts for approximately 3 to 4 months.


The back is stretched with the help of pulley and weight that cause the movement of herniated disk back to the position. This therapy is known to provide relief from pain only if applied properly.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): 

CBT is the technique that helps in the management of chronic back pain with the new approach of thinking. It comprises relaxation techniques and different ways to maintain a positive attitude. It has been discovered that patients of CBT display a good attitude to execute exercise more actively which rarely causes recurrence of back pain.

Magnetic therapy:

 This is the technique used alternative to medicine. In this process, magnetic fields are used for treating the medical condition. This technique involves the placing of permanent magnet close to the body for the healing of the bones at a faster rate.  The best magnet therapy treatment in Delhi brings about relief in pain in a short time and induce therapeutic effects.

Thus, there are several other alternative treatments available worldwide for treating acute and chronic back pain. Acupuncture, TENS, etc has gained numerous popularity amongst persons who do not desire to go under any medications or sugery.

Nisha Singhal
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