How to understand the benefits that AWS migration provides to your business

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The Amazon Web Services or AWS migration in SA provides a secure cloud services platform. This AWS migration in Abu Dhabi is managed by experts who are available on-demand. These services provide database storage, computing power, content delivery, as well as many other functionalities to help a business to scale up easily.

More than a hundred cloud computing products are available through AWS in the domains of storage, networking, servers, email, security, mobile development, and more. Their data centers are located across different regions of the world that help disaster recovery and safety to your data in case of an emergency. Any of the fastest-growing startups use AWS to benefit through the management of their applications and data.

Some of these benefits of using AWS are:

Low-cost: Before AWS, companies had to build their own or buy a space for storage. This required one to sign contracts that determined the storage requirements to allow your business to grow. One always ran the risk of disappointing their customers with crashes or slow loading speeds if they bought less storage while too much storage was a waste of money. AWS has a $0 upfront cost for all businesses and one only pays for the resources and services used as they want it. 

Easier transition: Whether switching to the cloud for the first time or using any cloud computing services meant your applications, services, etc. needed to be configured to the cloud. AWS products are compatible with almost every operating system, database, coding language, and existing programming model. This helps you save on developer time which can be devoted to other areas of business. AWS elasticity allows you to scale up or down your resources easily.

 Scalability: Traditional clouds required one to predict the IT infrastructure over several years. Overestimating this was a waste of resources while underestimating or purchasing the wrong amount of power would not be able to handle the influx of traffic. The pay-as-you-go option of the pricing available at AWS helps trim down the cost of the operations and aligns the resources to demand perfectly.

Security: Data breaches worldwide only keep increasing over the years as threats to businesses have moved from the physical to the cyber world. AWS has data leaks and security of your business as a high priority. AWS provides many layers of security to ensure the integrity of the customer’s data at their data centers. They ensure that compliance is never ignored and takes into account the privacy laws used worldwide. Their secure infrastructure ensures that the customer is responsible for their integrity and confidentiality while you encrypt your data as per your needs. AWS ensures that the cloud is secure but the protection of your data and the content is the customer’s responsibility.

New technology: The most interesting part of using AWS migration in SA is access to the innovative and latest technology. Amazon has a huge head start on its competition in the cloud computing space and their dedication to innovation helps them dominate the market almost completely. AWS migration in Abu Dhabi also provides access to hundreds of services every year that provides access to customers in over 190 countries for your business.

Xebia Middle East
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