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PRP for Hair Fall

Vardaan Clinic
PRP for Hair Fall

Hairfall! Is this the term that concerns you? There are people who suffer from severe hair fall for reasons that might be genetic or other health related issues. Hair loss or thinning of hair is a common problem faced by both men and women which can also occur due to ageing or stress.

While looking for a solution, one might come across several solutions but choosing the right one is what makes a difference. There are some solutions which are proven to be significantly better at curing the problem than others.

One such solution is known as PRP.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich-plasma is a process in which a substance is taken from your blood and then injected into your scalp which further helps to cure a lot of problems such as follicles (where your hair grow from) and helps heal other bodily tissues.

It is a process which increases the concentration of certain proteins that contribute towards healing in your body.

Not just hair loss, but a number of health problems can be treated with the help of PRP such as tendon injuries and osteoarthritis. As per studies, it is a proven scientific method to treat baldness in men, also known as androgenic alopecia.

How effective is PRP for hair fall?

We, at Vardaan Clinic aim to give the best results to our patients and believe in giving the right advice.

Being an in-office, non-surgical treatment, PRP can be performed within 30 minutes. It helps enhance hair follicle function as it contains growth factors. PRP is more effective on patients with “weak quality” of hair growth on their scalp as opposed to those having shiny bald spot.

According to research, the best candidate is the person who has recently started to experience loss of hair. PRP isn’t advisable for people who are completely bald.

It can be particularly effective in female pattern hair loss.

Duration of the treatment

The full procedure takes nearly 30 minutes to complete. A sample is drawn from your blood, which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. Then the mix is extracted and injected into the balding areas of your scalp. Dr. Jyoti Sharma will make you feel comfortable during the whole procedure, so there’s never a need to worry about any discomfort during the treatment.

Patients who go through PRP usually experience minimal discomfort and can easily go back to their routines from the following day. The treatment requires patients to return once a month for three months for injections and thereafter, once every three to six months.

The risks associated with the process are minimal because it uses your own blood.

Once the procedure is complete, it can take upto 6-12 months to see the results visibly in the mirror, however, in exceptional cases the results can also be visible in 3 months.

In order to track improvement, the doctors take standardises images of your scalp before starting the treatment.

Benefits of PRP for Hair loss

  1. Comfortable, non-surgical treatment
  2. Hair growth improvement in 3 months
  3. Encourages cell growth
  4. Helps your blood to clot

Side effects/drawbacks of PRP for hair loss

  1. Not advisable for patients with certain blood disorders
  2. Little risk of allergy
  3. Hypersensitivity
  4. Blood vessel injury on the scalp
  5. Nerve injury
  6. Infection at the place of injection

Eating the right kind of food

It is always advisable to eat right to keep healthy. Even if you are planning on getting a PRP for hair loss, it would only be an add-on if you start eating what’s considered to be healthy for your hair.

Food like lentils (rich in iron), eggs (high in biotin which is found in many hair growth supplements), and the likes.

In conclusion,

PRP for hair fall is considered to be a much better solution than others because it requires minimum formalities and maximum results. All you need to do on your part if choose the right doctor, ensure that you are the right candidate, eat healthy and be patient with the results.


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Vardaan Clinic
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