Why iso 27001 is so valuable in banking and financial institution

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We believe that the Information Security management system (isms) is a business, not an IT, problem. risks associated based data security approaches are vital for modern information security effectiveness.

In the present time, customers, organizations, business partners, and stakeholders want to be sure their system you’re not putting them or their businesses at risk by not having appropriate safeguards in place relating to information security and technology-enabled business assets.

There are many ways to implement a system Security Risk Management strategy, and a good approach to implement standards, such as ISO 27001 establishes the Right procedures for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The ISO 27001 ISMS was awarded for supporting software development, information security, and project management information systems, according to the applicable regulations of the organization, and it helps Strands to secure both its own information assets, and those of its customer's data securely.

 ISO 27001: Implementation And Management system 

Strands have had an Information Security Management System (isms) based on ISO/IEC 27001 in place for years.

ISMS information management security system is a system that helps to prevent and protect counteract interruptions to business activities. It secures critical processes from the effects of information security incidents, disasters, and major failures of information systems and ensures the timely continuation of normal activities.

 The ISO 27001 certification has a comprehensive management system approach  that guarantees, and is characterized as to, the preservation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all assets and information that we securely handle:

  • Confidentiality: Ensuring only those who are authorized can access information systems.
  • Integrity: Ensuring that the information system remains unchanged and traceable.
  • Availability: Ensuring authorized users to have access information and associated assets when required.

The ISO 27001 isms policies, processes, procedures, and other requirements that make up this management system are scrutinized and tested yearly and have the power to withdraw the certification if not full fill all the requirements and standards of the regulations are met.

The Strands Security system Policy applies to all Strands personnel, as well as to professional, external collaborators and suppliers who work together with the Strands team.

What Values Does ISO 27001 Certification Give To Financial Institutions?

Strands’ ISO 27001 certification is proof of its commitment to information security management system (isms) and to ensuring the security and protection across the delivery of software, projects, and customer system services to Financial Institutions.

When banks and financial institutions work with Strands, they know that are partnering with customers that ensure:

  • Knowledge, information, and data protection
  • Data integrity and availability
  • Protection of information and communication technologies
  • Company Assets protection
  • Business Continuity
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory standards
  • Definition of information-handling roles and responsibilities
  • Avoid financial losses resulting from a security breach
  • Protection of facilities, offices, and working environment
  • Confidentiality, credibility, and trust
  • Greater awareness of security across the organization
  • Prevents confidentiality breaches and data leakage
  • Fast reaction and disaster recovery
  • Meeting international benchmarks of security


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