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Apple Watch 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: The Two Biggest Smartwatch Rivals

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Apple Watch 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: The Two Biggest Smartwatch Rivals

The Apple Watch 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are two of the newest smartwatches of the year. They are full of advanced features and the latest health metrics. If we talk about the prices of these smartwatches, the price gap is very less between these two smartwatches.

Design and Display

Apple’s smartwatch is one of the best wearables to track your fitness. It allows you to remain connected with your smartphone for longer time duration and even without dropping off the connection. The first smartwatch by Apple was released in the year 2015. Since then, Apple watch has been a dependable and standard way for people in order to connect their smartphones to a reliable wearable device that can track their fitness also.

The Apple Watch 6 is the latest smartwatch launched by Apple. It comes in two variants – 40mm and 44mm and is 10.4mm thick. There are two types of casings available – aluminum or stainless steel, depending upon their prices. The aluminum version is available in blue color whereas the stainless steel version is available in shiny gold color.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is somewhat different. The first Galaxy Watch was a little bit bulky and a bit more heavy. The second Galaxy Watch was smaller than the first one but lost physical rotating control, which was not liked by the customers. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has brought the best of both. It is smaller than the original Galaxy Watch but still has its analog rotating bezel control. It comes in two sizes – 45mm and 41mm, with a thickness of 11.1mm and 11.3mm depending on which size you choose. Both of the sizes are a little bit larger as compared to the models of the Apple Watch 3.

Both of the watches come with the best high-resolution OLED screens in order to make each pixel count. The 44mm Apple Watch 6 has a 1.78-inch screen of 448×368 pixels that matches Apple’s Retina standard of 326 pixels-per-inch (PPI). On the other hand, the bigger, bright, and colorful Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a 1.4-inch circular screen of 360×360 pixels and 364-PPI. Both of these watches come with “always-on” screen modes. The Galaxy Watch 3 comes in stainless-steel material only.

Fitness and Features

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and the Apple Watch 6 both are loaded with excellent fitness tracking features. For example, they have GPS, an optical heart rate sensor, a gyro/accelerometer, and more. In addition to these features, there is some advanced level of features such as an ECG/EKG (Electrocardiogram) sensor and a blood oxygen sensor. The electrocardiogram is an electrical alternative to the optical heart rate sensor. They both are compatible with a variety of workouts, swimming, and more that can be used to track movements of the entire day. They both also have an excellent feature of SpO2.

Power and Battery

If we talk about the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, it has a 340mAh battery for the 44mm variant and a 247mAh battery for the 41mm variant. It lasts up to three days if you wear it all day and do not overuse it. On the other hand, Apple Watch 6 can last up to 18 hours. The battery life of the Galaxy 3 smartwatch is much better than the Apple Watch 6.


If we talk about the prices of both the smartwatches, the starting price of both watches is USD 399. In this cost, you can get either an aluminum 40mm Apple Watch 6 with a fabric or silicone band or a 41mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with a leather band. The larger version of the Apple Watch 6 will cost you USD 429.

After exploring the features and other details of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch 6, we have concluded that both of the smartwatches have almost similar features. The only difference is in the design-look and some other minimal feature-difference. Although both the watches are similar in features, it is recommended for you to go for Apple Watch 6. Also, it depends upon your choices and priorities.

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Source: Apple Watch 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: The Two Biggest Smartwatch Rivals

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