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The Most Essential Kitchen Appliances You Should Have

Ramit Sarkar
The Most Essential Kitchen Appliances You Should Have

Are you a foodie? Or, someone who loves cooking but hates the tedious affairs before and after it? Well. With the help of science and technology experimenting with food is no longer hectic. Thinking how? Okay. Read our article. Here, we are discussing some of the most essential kitchen appliances in today’s world. They have saved our time as well as our taste-buds from those boring regular foods!!

1. Induction Cooktop:

Unlike the normal gas-ovens, the easy-to-handle and easy-to-clean Induction Cooktops are the best to use for cooking. From boiling water to cooking rice, pasta, or even your favorite shrimp or mutton - everything becomes so quick, easy, and effortless. They are not only attractive –looking and energy-efficient but eco-friendly and safe for kids also. The newer models come with 8 different temperature controls, hot surface indicator, automatic shut off, and many more lucrative options.

2. Gas Stove:

Autoignition gas stove generally means gas-ovens not requiring a lighter or a matchbox to lit up. When turned the knob the gas-stove automatically ignites using electricity. This smart improvement in gas-ovens has helped us save fuel and money. It is a safer option if you have kids in the house. Elica, Prestige, Glen, Sunflame, are some good brands for a healthy purchase of autoignition gas-stove.

3. Dishwasher:

Cleaning dishes were never easier before!! A dishwasher saves your time, your energy while cleaning the dishes efficiently in a hygienic way yet using less water. It particularly washes the dishes at a high temperature that cleans the germs and bacterias. So be rest assured about the health and hygiene of your family in such a pandemic situation. 

4. Juicer Mixer Grinder:

This multi-functional product is really a great help in our kitchen. How much space it saves you see, providing all three features in a single unit! Make fresh juice for your kid, or grind spices, or make a batter for idli- dosa or make ginger garlic paste –do everything with ease. Just bear the little noise and your toil is reduced to half. It comes with three different shapes of jars each for a different purpose.

5. Electric Pressure Cooker:

These new-age pressure cookers come with everything you need. Apart from boiling now, you can cook, steam, sauté, make rice, yogurt, and do much more with this multi-functional tool. Electric cookers come with 14 preset programs where temperature adjustment to pressure release everything is automatic. No more worries about counting whistles as you can see the exact progress of cooking on the LCD screen. So, this multi-purpose tool can alone outrun all other cooking utensils. A Price range between $70 to $150 is easily affordable for your trouble-free cooking. 

6. Refrigerator:

Apart from cooling and keeping things fresh for several days today’s refrigerators do much more than you think. Now they come with some great features like convertible fridge/freezer, temperature control, ice-cream maker, childproofing, and many more. The ones with more stars are more power-efficient. Single door refrigerators come in a compact size with 30-40% less power consumption and will be easily under $275.

7. Microwave:

You know microwaves are used to reheat food. But do you know that you can use it in many more ways? Yes. Apart from cooking, you can use it to toast nuts and spices, cook fishes, de-crystallize honey, even disinfect kitchen items. Convection ovens now come with features where you can bake, grill, or make your favorite pizza in it. And the food is completely safe retaining the nutrients. 

8. Chimney:

Forget those long hours of cleaning the grease, stains, and black spots of your kitchen walls after cooking. Now kitchen protection is much better with chimneys. They remove all the toxic and pollutant gases from our kitchen and make it odor-free. Now kitchen chimneys come with auto clean technology that even reduces the maintenance cost and our headache of cleaning it every week. Moreover, some famous brands provide detachable oil collectors, LED light, auto heat sensors, soundproof kits, etc.


So, you see all these appliances have alluring features. If you can afford a one-time investment you will enjoy trouble-free cooking for a lifetime. In today’s world when everyone is running out of time, we all should opt for these smart cooking tools to make our lives easier and better. So make a budget and do some renovation in your kitchen.

Ramit Sarkar
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