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Best Free Tools Word Password Recovery Tools

Bobby clarke
Best Free Tools Word Password Recovery Tools

Have you started your journey in the world of music production? Doesn’t your current digital audio workstation match your choice? If that is so, you are at the right place. A good number of professional music producers nowadays use Ableton Live for music production. It is an industry-standard software tool that has established a good reputation in the world of music production. Ableton works with a high-end PC that scores of people can’t afford. Hence, we have listed down some of the best Ableton Live alternatives.

Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio is an emerging digital audio workstation in the world of music production. It was developed in Berlin by a German-based company. It is similar to Ableton Live in both design and features. Whether you are interested in Djing or music production, Bitwig Studio may be a great choice for you. It offers a number of editing tools and a wide range of VST plugins. It offers two versions. If you are a beginner, you can opt for Bitwig Studio 8 track. It lets you create up to 8 tracks. If you want to take advantage of every feature, you can purchase the full version of Bitwig Studio. If you are on the hunt for an excellent alternative to Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio can give you the same feel and workflow. Be it Windows, macOS, or Linux, it is available on all platforms.


LMMS is one of the best alternatives to Ableton Live. It is completely free to use. It has a good number of plugins, editing tools, or a feature to automate a track. You can import the sound font of your choice. Many say that it is somewhat similar to FL Studio. This feature-rich and open source software can assist anyone in getting started in the world of music production. Massive amounts of samples, VST plugins, and editing tools make LMMS stand out from others. The thing many like about LMMS is, it is completely free. You can download it from the official website of LMMS at no cost.



Magix ACID Pro

If you work on loops, Magix ACID Pro can be useful to you. ACID Pro is considered to be a loop-based software tool for music production. You can import loops and fit them to the same tempo. It offers Midi editor, VST plugins, and automation also. If you compose music with the help of loops, Acid Pro may be the best software tool for you. It is similar to both Logic Pro and Ableton Live. Magix ACID Pro is for those who love Djing and composing music with the help of loops. The latest versions of ACID pro are gradually witnessing modifications.

Studio One

Studio is one of the best audio workstation software that many modern producers use nowadays. It was developed by PreSonus. Studio One is a prize-winning software for its notation feature. It lets you record, edit, mix, and master a track. This amazing audio workstation software contains an immense library of samples and loops that you can add to your projects in order to compose music of any genre. It comes with useful tools that make it easy to edit or arrange tracks in a proper way. If you take a close look at the user interface of Studio One, you will surely get impressed with it.

In terms of vocal editing tools, it offers all the required tools such as equalization, reverb, delay, and noise reduction. All the advanced tools available on Studio One are really useful. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, Studio One is a great option to choose from. It is really a great alternative to Ableton Live.


Cubase is one of the best digital audio workstation software tools. It was developed by a German-based company known as “Steinberg”. Steinberg has contributed a lot to the development of music-making programs. Cubase lets you record, compose, edit or mix tracks in a professional way. You can compose music with the help of Cubase. It comes with various VST plugins that can add a professional touch to your song. It includes a wide range of editing tools to arrange tracks, warp midi note and audio, cross-fade, and automate.

The latest versions of Cubase are gradually witnessing development. The latest version of Cubase works on a high-end PC. If your PC is not expensive enough, you can run Cubase 4 on it. Cubase 4 may work well on a PC with 4GB RAM as it is an old version. It comes with the Groove Agent drum machine and Halion VST plugin. It has much more than words can say about it. Cubase is the best alternative to Ableton Live, you should go for it. The purpose of the list was to make you familiar with the best alternatives to Ableton Live.

All the alternatives to Ableton Live mentioned in the list are really amazing. You can choose whichever suits your requirements.

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Bobby clarke
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