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3 Reasons Why You Need To Track Body Composition Analysis

vishal kumar
3 Reasons Why You Need To Track Body Composition Analysis

Gone are those days of measuring BMI (Body Mass Index), after all there’s more to being healthy than losing weight.

In multiple situations we experience that our weight stops decreasing even though

we keep eating a healthy diet & increase physical activity, that can have a tremendous negative effect on our morale.

This is where the 21st century technological breakthrough, BCA (body composition analysis, for anyone unfamiliar with the term), comes as a saviour.

Body composition analysis is the process of examining the human body to determine the percentage of body fat compared to muscle tissue.

Such advanced & thorough analysis helps reveal how healthy an individual’s body is, and is a popular resource for trainers, coaches, medical professionals, and researchers alike.

A healthy you is not only slim but also with a balanced ratio of muscle mass & fat.

The BCA helps people do just that.


Few tested benefits of body composition analysis are :


Better Training Schedule


With Body composition analysis, you will get precise data by directly assessing the ratio of your body fat & muscle mass which can help you customise your training as well as diet to suit your needs.


Therefore, next time when you don’t lose weight despite having a healthier diet and increased physical activity, just confirm if you’re building muscle because muscle weighs more than fat. 


Keep Osteoporosis in Check


The ability to check bone mass through BCA technology, one can keep Osteoporosis in check as someone with Osteoporosis is likely to have a lower bone density due to how fragile their bones are.


Detect future health risks


Body Composition Analysis can detect long term health risks like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances & others.

Majority of these diseases are the consequence of unhealthy fat stores & low muscle mass.


If this sounds like your condition then, it is recommended that you get an accurate body composition analysis done by a reliable device.


The One Stop Solution


We present you a smart scale that exceeds your imagination with the ability to measure 15 body composition metrics such as Muscle Mass, Fat, Bone Mass, Protein, Water & much more.


It’s time you take a leap to a healthy life by clicking here.

vishal kumar
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