Cash Sales for Cars in UAE

Simply Car Buyers

Does your car need repairs that will cost you more than it’s worth? A car lying in the garage could be an eye-sore that you are itching to get rid of. So you might be thinking “how can I sell my car in UAE?

The car dealers offer you cash sale on any car of any model that you are wishing to sell. When you place a call to a car dealer, the car to be sold is inspected, photographs are taken and a test drive is scheduled to check its working condition. 70% of the cars sell within a few weeks of placing on online catalogues as they are exposed to thousands of online buyers daily.

Inspected and Certified

Are you moving out of the country for business or personal reasons and cannot take your precious car along? Are you looking to sell your car in UAE? The price always remains the primary determinant of how quickly your car can be sold.

You wonder, “How can a car dealer sell my car in UAE”? The seller does not need to do any work, he can simply let the dealer know the price that he is looking for and the dealer takes over after that. Once you have decided to sell your car and it is inspected and certified by the car experts, the online buyers will be willing to pay a better price for it. The cars are automatically flashed on social media and other relevant websites.

Tips of Trade

  • Always accept cash or manager’s cheque when you sell car UAE.
  • Once the sale is complete, you might be eligible to receive an amount on your car insurance policy.
  • Cancel the insurance policy post sale completion.
  • Always keep the service records of the car intact, it fetches a better price
  • Extended warranty is desirable by the potential clients
  • The buyer takes over your car loan as well
  • The car should be registered under the seller’s name or he should hold a power of attorney for the same
  • Seller Agreement is non-cancellable in any circumstance.
  • Clear all the outstanding fines on your car before the sale.
  • Make sure that the service contract and warranty are transferable before proceeding

Transforming the Car Selling Experience

If you are thinking as to “how can I get the best price in UAE for my used car” then the answer is that the dealer lets you set it. The seller is in full control of the pricing on his car on the application and can change it according to the market trends. However, the car dealer he has hired for the job will guide him on it and handle all the chaos from then on.

You worry as to “how do I sell my car Dubai that is already on a loan”? The financial partners of the car dealers such as insurers, banks and specialists handle all the legal matters from visiting, photographing, and inspecting your loaned car in any part of UAE from Sharjah, Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Simply Car Buyers advertise a seller’s car online, line up buyers and enable show times for the car on sale in UAE.

Simply Car Buyers
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