Easy Steps To Sell My Car Jacksonville, FL In A Flawless Manner

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Florida is a bust state in the US that witnessed a massive number of vehicles getting sold by the present owners. One mandatory requirement to exercise hassle-free car sales in Florida is to abide by the state procedures that are applicable. For instance, if I need to sell my car in Jacksonville, FL, then it is essential for me to gain clarity on applied rules to file a notice of the sale in an unquestionable manner. Also, when I make up my mind to sell my car in Florida, then the situation is undoubtedly a win-win scenario for the seller as well as the purchaser. Also, if I need all steps to be followed in a smooth manner, then it is essential to follow the proper procedures and have detailed knowledge of the rights and responsibilities. 


Here’s all I need to know to sell my car in Jacksonville, FL:

· Lien pays off to keep the title clean: One mandatory requirement for selling a vehicle is to have a clean title with absolutely no lien. The concern isn’t applicable to those who already own their car. However, if you still owe some money on your vehicle, then it surely needs to get resolved before completing a sale transaction. Always know that if in case you have lost your original title, then you need to get it replaced. 


· Obtaining A VIN Inspection: If you fall into the category wherein your vehicle was initially titled out of the state, then you would need to fill out a VIN and odometer verification form. The valid parties that can fill out the form are an HSMV examiner, a notary public, a car dealer, or an authorized law enforcement officer.


· Temporary Tag Application: If you have tags on your vehicle, then this point can be overlooked. Otherwise, you’ll require temporary license plates to allow prospective buyers to legally test drive your car. A temporary tag is relatively cheap and convenient to obtain, and it demands valid insurance proof. 


· Title Transfer: Another very essential step to follow when trying to sell my car in Jacksonville, FL, is to transfer the title to the name of the buyer. The simplest way to do a title transfer is through an HSMV office, wherein all needed forms are readily available. For transferring paper titles, the seller is expected to fill out the section “transfer of title by seller.” Always remember to use your full legal name while filling out this form, as it is an essential legal document.


· Completion of the sale notice: To sell my car in Florida, the next step that I need to follow is the completion of the sale notice. The completion of a sale notice is basically a legal instrument that legitimately proves to the state authorities that a sale has been finalized for the concerned vehicle. Both seller and the buyer need to sign this form at the time of purchase. A copy must be kept for your own record.


· Removal of plates: The next step to follow to sell my car in Florida is to remove the license plates. As per the transfer rules applicable in Florida, the license plates always remain with their owner and do not get transferred with the vehicle sale. Hence, it is the responsibility of the owner to remove these before handling the possession to the buyer.


· Legal Advertising: There are specific rigid rules that are to be followed when it comes to legal advertising regarding the sale of a vehicle in Florida. It is considered illegal to park an automobile for sale on any public or private property without having the content of the owner. So, if you wish to get your car parked with a clear “For Sale” sign, then you can do so only in your driveway or some other private property. Moreover, as per state laws, motor vehicle dealers must be licensed by the state. 

Consign Online
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