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Is Learning Medical Coding as Hard as it Seems?

Varsha Choudhary
Is Learning Medical Coding as Hard as it Seems?

There is no denial that healthcare careers can be a bit complicated. Human body is complex and healthcare professionals attempt to understand, interpret, and diagnose problems in the complex human body. Even a healthcare information  technician who is not directly involved with patients, requires a strong understanding of the various codes assigned to different medical diagnosis. 


If you’re keen in working in a healthcare sector without directly involving with the patients, then medical coding can be the right fit for you. Medical Coders are  quite in demand right now, and require no bachelor's degree. 


But you can’t stop and wonder if a medical coding course is hard? Learning the ropes in medical coding may not be easy but it isn’t impossible. Medical coding training online teaches the fundamentals of medical coding, trains students for certification and helps newly certified coders establish their careers in a financially rewarding way. 

What is Medical Coding?


In a nutshell, medical coding is the practice of assigning informative standardized labels for medical procedures for diagnosis. These standardized formats help keep the massive amounts of health data produced every day organised. There are three universal medical coding systems that are used around the world - CPT, ICD and HCPCS. 


So how does medical coding work in practice? 


A medical coder plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Whenever a patient visits the doctor, the visit is assigned special medical codes to help track the reason for the visit, as well as any procedures that were performed. Medical coding is the step in the medical billing process that helps assign codes to insurance claims so that a patient's insurance can be billed correctly. 


This system in the medical billing process ensures that visits are categorized correctly when it comes time to bill and process insurance claims. The Medical coder is responsible for assigning these specific codes to each claim. 


Now, the question is, Is medical coding as hard as it seems?


Medical coding course isn’t that hard as it seems at first glance. They do hold a lot of responsibility, and it sounds daunting to become familiar with many different medical codes. They convert complex medical information into these sets of codes, which demands knowledge in health topics such as physiology, anatomy, medical terminology and more. It demands a keen eye for tiniest details to be extremely accurate at all times. 

Medical coding is like learning a foreign language. First it doesn't make any sense but as and when you study, things become simple for you. There are three major coding systems and each of them is different. So it’s like you’re learning three foreign languages which makes it a bit difficult. Learning a new language takes little efforts, but it’s not like it's impossible. 


Essential skills required to become a medical coder specialist:


  • Attention to detail
  • Great communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-motivated
  • Lifelong learner
  • Organization
  • Analytical skills
  • Technical skills
  • Integrity (HIPAA compliance)


What are the most challenging aspects of medical coding?


Medical coding career comes with some challenges. Human anatomy and healthcare have a lot of grey areas but medical coding is black and white. It can be challenging to transform complex medical symptoms into clear codes. Another challenging aspect is to keep up with the industry changes. Medical coding systems have changed over in recent years- it takes flexibility to keep up. The changing in governance and healthcare regulation can all impact coding, so it becomes critical for coders to stay on top of these changes to avoid documenting inaccurate information. 


The best part of medical coders is that the job is in great demand right now and is intended to rise 22% by 2022. The pay typically increases with the more experience and credentials you get. 


What are the most enjoyable parts of medical coding?


Medical coding seems to be a challenging task at first, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be a fun job in the long run!


Medical coder specialists say that, “Coding is like being a detective. Dissecting a patient’s medical record, tracking down additional information and even learning to read the medical records can be enjoyable parts. It can be entertaining at times to learn the stories of patients coming in with injuries.”


Medical coding isn’t an isolated job, You get to meet doctors and can have an enjoyable communication with coworkers throughout the day. 


As the population continues to age at a rapid pace, the demand for medical coders are on the rise. With high demand comes higher wages each year. Most medical coders work in hospitals, clinics, insurance companies but some work from home opportunities are also available. A job in medical coding has a great potential for advancement as you gain more experience. It’s clear that knowledge and experience in medical coding can lead to a prosperous career in the years to come. 


Benefits of becoming a medical coder:


  • Medical coding is a predictable job with great pay.
  • The pay is consistent and steady
  • Advancement opportunities are plenty. 
  • Ever-increasing demand for this job makes it a secure career.
  • You can earn your online medical coding course certificate in less than a year along with medical coding training online. 
  • You don’t need to have a bachelor's degree inorder to become a medical coder.
  • With high demand nationwide, relocation is a breeze. 
  • Expert medical coders can apply for relocation or work from home. 


Medical coding is a skill. It may not be simple, but it isn’t impossible as well. With the right training and enough practice, medical coding is a great career to build. Medical coding courses will help you to get the hang of the concept and make things simple for you to implement. Get Medical coding training in Hyderabad from premiere accreditation organization in the business of healthcare, AAPC’s online programs are top rated. 

Varsha Choudhary
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