A Guide to Fix the Headphone Jack of Your Mobile

Alice John

A headphone jack is an essential part of your mobile phone. It allows you to plug-in your headphones and get lost in your world while listening to music or watching movies. The headphone jack is equally important if you have to take an important call, and there is a lot of noise around, or if you need a better calling quality. It is important to take care of your device’s headphone jack, as things can turn a bit difficult if it is not working correctly. There might be many reasons for the headphone jack of your device not working correctly, and, in this article, we have listed the possible fixes for a headphone jack which is not working right. Following these steps, you will be able to fix your headphone jack at home unless it’s serious damage that needs assistance from a repairman. Let’s scroll down and find out why it isn’t the headphone jack of your phone working and the possible fixes for it. 


A headphone jack of your mobile phone is used to plug-in your headphones, and along with checking the condition of your headphone jack, you should also make sure that your headphones are also working correctly and are not broken. Sometimes it is the headphone that is not working right, and we assume that it is the headphone jack of our device, which needs to be repaired. To make sure that there is nothing wrong with your headphones, the best way is to plug it into some other device and check it with that. You can check it on various devices like TV, computer, or any other mobile phone if it is compatible with 3.5mm jack as most of the devices are coming with 3.5mm headphone jack these days. If you cannot listen properly or listen to anything on the other devices, then it is your headphones that need to be replaced. Suppose the headphones are working correctly with other devices. In that case, you can also try plugging in some other headphones in your device, as there might be compatibility issues between devices and the headphones at times. If it does not work either, you can follow the other methods mentioned below.

There are times when your mobile phone is connected with some headphones or speakers via Bluetooth, and if you are trying to plug-in headphones at that time, then there are possibilities that it might not work. So before concluding that your device’s headphones or the headphone jack are broken, make sure that your device is not paired with any external speaker via Bluetooth. If it is paired with some device, unpair it and test your device’s headphone jack.

There are high chances that your headphone jack won’t work if there is any dust or unwanted material present inside it. Regular cleaning of your headphone jack is essential to let it function properly. You can check if there is any dust or dirt stuck in the headphone jack of your device. You can check it using a flashlight and if you notice any unwanted material there, use a cotton swab to clean it. You can also use alcohol to damp the cotton swab a little and then swirl it around in your phone’s headphone jack to clean it well. Being careful is very important while cleaning your device’s headphone jack, so you don’t end up damaging it.

You should also check your mobile phone’s volume and audio settings if your device’s headphone jack is not working correctly. Sometimes, there might be audio settings that don’t let the headphone jack of your device function. If you have made sure that all the settings are right, then restraining your device is an option worth trying. If some bug or minor software error is causing the problem, then restarting your device should fix the problem.

If none of the fixes mentioned above has worked for you, then there are chances of severe damage in your device’s headphone jack, which will need assistance from a specialist. You can seek help from a service center authorized by the brand of your phone or a third-party repairman. If the costs of repairing are too high, then buying a new device is the right choice.

A headphone jack is a very valuable part of your mobile, and if it is not working correctly, there are certain problems that you might face. In this article, we have elaborated on the methods of fixing the headphone jack of your device, if it is not working correctly, which you can use when needed.

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Alice John
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