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How to Take Care of Your Crystal Glasses?

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How to Take Care of Your Crystal Glasses?

Proper care and attention is always recommended when it comes to handling delicate piece of crystal glassware. Caring for glassware will increase their lifespan, end ensure you serve drinks in the best possible manner. Glassware that haven’t washed and dried in the right way can retain foul odors and toxins on its surface, which may ultimately affect your drinks. Baccarat glasses with water spots lose their brightness and make the glassware lackluster.

Washing is a crucial activity where everyone needs to pay attention. In general, the washing gets done in two significant ways: by hand and in a Glasswasher.

Washing glassware by hand

Always wash your new glassware before its first use. When you purchase new glasses, several germs present on its surface. Therefore, it becomes essential to wash before beginning to use. Secondly, wash your glasses individually to avoid any damage. Thirdly, don’t soak your glasses with other glasses to prevent from mechanical shock. Always use the right detergent and warm water to wash your glasses by hand.

 Washing glassware in a Glasswasher

  • Use a Glasswasher dedicated to glassware. Ensure you wash crockery and cutlery separately.
  • Ensure you set the glasswasher at the low temperature
  • Use a glass rack to put the glassware in the glasswasher.

Once the glassware is washed in the glasswasher or by hand, let your glassware dry properly. The air-dry method can be used to dry the glassware. After that, leave your glasses in the upturned position. You can use soft dry cloths to remove water spots. It will also retain glassware clarity. Please avoid using any random material as it can spread germs, dirt, and grease.

Below are the tips to avoid glassware breakage;

Nothing is disappointing than the sound of glassware breakage. Replacing damaged glassware with a new set of glassware can be a bit expensive. You must be very careful while handling the glassware. In short, you have to avoid mechanical shock and thermal shock to ensure the glasswares do not break. 

Mechanical shock occurs when the glassware comes in direct contact with utensils and other glassware. We suggest you always store your glassware in the right size glass racks to reduce the chances of mechanical shock.

Avoid thermal shock occurs when glasses experience instant temperature change. Removing glassware from the dishwasher and putting it into a container filled with ice and water can cause thermal shock. Bring the glass at the room temperature setting into ice water.

Store your glassware in an appropriate glass rack

Glass rack offers a convenient and quick way to clean and move your glassware. Racks are designed to fit many glassware types like champagnes, wine glasses, pint glasses, shot glasses, etc. You can also choose the open glass racks that allow efficient washing and side openings, whereas the closed glass racks protect glasses from duct and bacteria while transporting and storage.

Final words

Even though baccarat glasses are great to have, but they need care and attention while handling. Not glasses, baccarat crystal gifts also need proper caring to avoid breakage and increase the lifespan.

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