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Bao Zhong Tang

Nowadays, TCM and integrative therapies are considered as the best approach to reduce the effect of cancerous actions in the body. Therefore, it has been observed that a huge number of patients have taken a U-turn and reach TCM clinics that are popular as TCM for cancer Singapore. In Bao Zhong Tang, huge numbers of traffic have arrived at the clinics that are suffering from the side effect of chemotherapy drugs or radiation therapy. Apart from the main TCM therapies, the complementary TCM therapies are provided to the patient to reduce the pain symptoms. TCM in the combination of conventional chemotherapy is applied to patients for causing in the increase of survival rate because of the better response in command to chemotherapy and reduction of side effects such as vomiting and decreasing RBC. Howsoever, studies are conducted on treating breast, gastric, and lung cancer.

What does cancer mean?

Cancer is caused due to the abnormal growth of the cell that arise a different kind of diseases. The cells in an uncontrolled manner continue to grow and divide by getting adapted to cell division and growth malfunctions. Due to rapid growth and multiplication of the cell leads to the mass formation that is later known as tumours. Tumour is basically of two types: benign and malignant. The former one divides and grows in the same place whereas the later on the spread and invade to different parts of the body via metastasis and this is a life-threatening tumor and better known as a malignant tumor.

Causes for cancer from the TCM perspective:

Weaker immunity:

The weakening of Qi that acts as the defensive mechanism of the body gets poor and induced digestive issues. Moreover, coldness is highly responsible to restrict the flow of Qi and blood that finally opt to stagnation. Stress and emotional stagnation are even caused due to improving Qi flow. 

Poor blood circulation:

This problem is generally caused due to coldness that gets accumulated in the body and results in the ingestion of food due to cold nature. The weakening of Qi cannot encourage the blood flow and therefore the patient start feeling cold and the blood becomes thick and turbid as in the case of stagnated blood.

Phlegm Dampness accumulation:

This problem leads to a weaker digestion process and these issues are raised due to excessive intake of cold and oily or greasy food. This is caused because the cold environment can weaken digestion and lead to poor bowel movement which results in the accumulation of toxins.

Exposure to environment dampness:

Damps and cold environment harms the body that leads to the accumulation of environmental toxins.

Involvement of processes related to TCM for cancer Singapore:

The involvement of therapies of TCM for cancer in Singapore and integrative therapies is highly applicable for boosting the immune system as well as providing strength and nourishment to the body. Here is the list of therapies involved in the treatment:


This is one of the finest processes of TCM for cancer in Singapore. In this process fine needles are used in a different part of the body that would help in regulation, realigning, and improvement of the organ function. This method even helps in improving the quality of life. Besides this, it has been reported that it is even beneficial in strengthening the immune system, reduces lethargy, and enhance the energy, reduce anxiety, recommended for reducing the side effects of cancerous cells.

Herbal medication:

It is useful in the recuperation of the body as well as replenishing the Qi and its energy for nourishing the body so that it enhances the potential to fight back the cancer cells. It even supports suppressing the growth and spread of cancer.

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy:

 This therapy is used in TCM for cancer in Singapore and is executed with the use of FDA registered device that is widely accepted to cause a reduction in the pain and inflammation. The vast improvement in the lymphatic system function can be diagnosed and is even responsible to provide numerous benefits such as strengthening of immunity, reduction in pain, aches and inflammation, reduction in water retention and lymphedema, and even provide better mobility.

Bao Zhong Tang
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