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Fleet Telematics Solution: Driving Great Business for Automotive Ecosystems

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Fleet Telematics Solution: Driving Great Business for Automotive Ecosystems

Telematics has given the human-machine interface a new edge. It is improving the driving experience significantly. At the base of this enhanced experience are many innovative factors that have been developed to deliver greater business value to manufacturers and dealers.

Fleet telematics solutions are heavily inspired by strategic capturing and interchanging of GPS data, effective alignment of the communication mechanisms between vehicles on-road and auto sensors, voice dictated automotive controls, and intuitive connectivity between mobile, social media and other feeds.

Here’s how fleet telematics solutions induce better automotive processes and yield greater business results.

Improved driver experience

Cloud is the prime driver for change in the digital era. Data gets uploaded from intelligent sensors fitted in the vehicles to the cloud. The same data would be visible in real-time to all stakeholders. Actionable inputs help to provide safe, reliable, and predictive experience to drivers. Preventive maintenance on time would curb the chances of failures. Further, timely assistance to stranded drivers would be available within moment’s notice even in remote locations. Constant locational information available to sensors in the car would manoeuvre it spontaneously even through busy routes without requiring direct intervention from drivers.

In case of traffic snarl-ups, your vehicle would spontaneously detect uncluttered routes based on integrational data offered by map apps. Based on the same, it would calculate the shortest, uncongested route to take you to the destination. Other services would also make the driver’s life more enjoyable. The onboard concierge app, for example, would seek driver’s consent for stoppage during a long trip for dinner. If it receives a positive response, it would soon connect with restaurant apps to locate the nearest food joint by reading GPS coordinates. Relaxation would find new meaning with intelligent fleet telematics solutions.

If the in-built sensors detect abnormalities in the car’s system, it would convey the message to predictive diagnostics system to find nearest service centres. Based on the make and model of your car, tools and adequate services are scanned for in various service centres. Accordingly, a strategic decision is made.

Greater business value

Car manufacturers and dealers also stand a chance to gain incremental revenues by implementing fleet telematics system. Apart from streamlining of operations, customer retention becomes easier due to advanced features made available to them through improved telematics system. Customers who purchase branded vehicles would return repeatedly in the long run to avail other advantages. Cementing of professional ties would trigger better word of mouth promotion for the brand. Profits and sales would be sustained with periodic appreciation.

Fleet telematics system would also offer insights to the manufacturers about the parts that are liable to frequent failures. Analysis of the same would reduce occurrences which would spell fewer car recalls and more savings. Part evaluation can be carried out on an hourly basis or in real-time. This would also help in improving the performance level of vehicles by gaining a better understanding of how vehicles operate under varying conditions.

Manufacturers can also understand proactively the changing tastes and expectations of clients. This would help to better cater to their needs and sustain a loyal user base by having the best competitive edge.


Using fleet telematics systems will not only be helpful for your customers but will also help you streamline your fleet operations. Gateway Digital’s automotive division serves the fleet, rental and leasing companies with innovative digital automotive solutions and helps them streamline their business operations. Offering the right mix of technology and digital transformation, we ensure continual growth and success for our automotive clients. To know more about our fleet telematics solutions, visit www.thegatewaydigital.com or get in touch with us at [email protected].

Gateway Digital
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